Help Your First Nations Community Become Experts in your Accounting Software

Recent regulatory changes have increased the burdens on First Nations community leaders by making reporting requirements more stringent. Making sure your community is compliant with the new regulations can be a challenging task, especially if you need to train a lot of inexperienced people in first nations accounting software. Meeting the challenges posed by the recent regulations requires community leaders to get their community engaged with the accounting process, from political leaders to business people. Whether your community is adopting new accounting software or a First Nations ERP program, these tips can help your community members become experts in using the software.

    • Involve your community from the beginning in the process of selecting your software and customizing it to your community’s needs. Although it can take some patience to make sure everybody has a say in designing your accounting software, this will ultimately make it easier for all of your community members to use. In addition, community members will take pride in a program they helped to implement it; this will help ensure that your program is consistently used in your community.
    • Make a point of offering training on your accounting software to your community’s young people. The Sage 300 ERP (formerly AccPac) is used not just by First Nations communities, but by small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries. By collaborating with your community high school or other youth programs to teach young adults to use this system, you will do more than ensure that your community’s future leaders are familiar with the financial system used in their community. You will give them valuable job skills that can help them in a number of fields.
    • Offer your community members multiple opportunities for training from experts in Sage 300 ERP. As your community uses this software to manage its financial affairs, unexpected events may require your program’s users to learn new skills or adapt to a new feature. In addition, regulatory requirements and software updates may mean that staying on top of your community’s accounting means continued training in Sage 300 ERP for First Nations.

Accounting software serves a number of purposes for First Nations communities: it helps them comply with regulations, it helps them make the most out of their resources, and it helps them improve the quality of life for their members. The Answer Company can provide your community members with the right software for your community and the training its members need to become experts. Feel free to contact us and ask about the First Nations accounting software that works best for your community.