How Modern Field Service Management ERP Drives Profit

For many equipment service providers, field customer service is seen as an added cost. Many challenges in field service management weigh companies down, such as scheduling, dispatching, and tracking equipment. When these aspects of field service management are not executed optimally, you will incur costs and deliver unsatisfactory customer service.

But in the modern age of field service management ERP, the right mobile tools can optimize your field service operations to increase the profit margin and deliver better service to strengthen customer loyalty.

To learn more, download the whitepaper: Field Service Management: Strategies to Improve Profit and Customer Loyalty.


Boost Efficiency to Boost Profit

Integrating all your management systems into one platform dramatically boosts efficiency and optimizes your operations in three main areas:

1. Accounting and Administration

An integrated field service management ERP helps make your billing more timely and accurate. With a real-time cloud platform, you can rest assured that all financial records are complete, eliminating the need to chase after lost records at your month-end close. 

2. Inventory Management

In busy seasons, poor inventory planning can lead to situations where insufficient parts prevent your technicians from completing customer jobs on time. The benefit of an inventory management tool that is connected with your other systems is being able to track the profitability of parts in relation to engineering of parts, maintenance costs, and customer transactions. This pushes you to evaluate which inventory parts are being utilized optimally to boost sales, and which parts may need revisiting.

3. Scheduling and Dispatching

Manual scheduling through Excel or outdated systems is a heavy workload, especially in consideration of last-minute changes or unexpected route challenges. An advanced field service management ERP helps managers better schedule and dispatch technicians for service jobs, aiming to maximize availability and match people with the right tools. Automated real-time dispatching and route planning helps your team minimize time spent on the road, so the right service provider can meet your customer at the right place at the right time.

This whitepaper dives deeper into all the field service management features that boost sales and customer satisfaction.

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Why Mobile Services Needs Mobile Technology

While cloud-based mobile software proves benefits for every industry, it is especially helpful for a business operating offsite and away from the computer. With an integrated system that updates information by the minute, technicians can access project info, track and update inventory, receive notifications, and collaborate with others, all directly from their mobile device. Reducing frustrating administrative tasks not only increases efficiency, but easy-to-use tools that help everyone find the answers they need when they need it also boost employee productivity and satisfaction.


Find Data to Optimize Field Service Performance

What is the primary benefit of transitioning from month-end audits to real-time business intelligence information? Comprehensive and customizable dashboards providing cloud-based real-time information allow managers to make data-driven decisions everyday. With advanced field service management ERP, you can design your dashboard to include info such as pending service requests, job statuses, inventory conditions, and technician availability. This helps you move along service requests much faster, while matching the right people to the right job, and consequently improving customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, data such as job location, inventory usage, technician productivity, time spent on jobs, and types of contracts helps you find which areas of your field service business are thriving, and which areas can be improved on or abandoned. Discover bottlenecks, such as delayed materials or worker shortages, so you can continuously improve your operations.


Nurturing Customer Loyalty

Whether the field service is included in a customer’s warranty or is at a cost incurred by the customer, it is important to deliver timely and quality service for all job requests. With an advanced field service management ERP designed for your business processes, you can boost customer satisfaction, while boosting the profit margin in your field services. 

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