How to Lead Successful Digital Transformation: Strategies, Grants, Cloud Hosting, Cyber Security, Leadership, and more

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The Rise of Digital Transformation Catalyzed by COVID-19

Following the spring of 2020, businesses of all sizes and industries quickly began to see an urgent need to transform their business in efforts to continue reaching their client base. Strict restrictions on in-person gathering forced the sale of products and services, and team collaboration, to completely migrate to digital platforms. This brought many challenges, including the cybersecurity concerns of a work-from-home model, reconfiguration of digital retail sales platforms, a search for new methods of distribution, and a lot more. Whether intentional or not, many of these transformations were permanent digital transformations. 

97% of executives say that the COVID-19 pandemic increased digital transformation in their organizations. There were different digitization trends in different industries, but also a lot of commonalities. Many of these changes were funneled down into ERP implementations, ERP changes, or integrations between existing systems. 


Next Steps for Finance Leaders

Yet despite the successful digital transformations through the pandemic, many businesses, especially small-sized businesses, still find themselves hesitant to invest capital into digitization during a tumultuous time when revenue has been unsteady. As illustrated in this hospitality whitepaper about COVID-19 Revenue Recovery, there is a common misconception that during recessions, it is better to not make new investments. But analysts have found that coming out of the pandemic with a revamped ERP system that matches the post-pandemic world’s demands is the key to success in all industries. 


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What can Digital Transformation look like for Your Business?

The Answer Company put together webinars with content specific to today’s digital age. In the following keynote sessions featuring The Answer Company team and guest speakers, you can learn more about how finance leaders and executives achieve successful digital transformation and why digitization is so crucial in the post-pandemic world.

Leverage Data and Drive Continual Improvement with ERP

In 2020, many notable companies stepped up to the plate and quickly reinvented their tech stack to remain operational and competitive. On the customer-facing side, this just looked like a small crop of changes, but on the internal side, this entailed tremendous ERP adaptations. However, besides the pandemic, every industry is changing at a rapid pace, in regards to regulations, international market fluctuations, and customer demands. In this webinar, learn how you can leverage ERP systems that help you achieve constant data-driven improvement.


Transformation through Technology: Building a Tech Stack Ideal for Digital Transformation

Tech integrations can help you expand your business quickly. With a boom in SaaS companies, there are now countless industry-specialized softwares that can be integrated with your existing systems. This session illustrates the steps to build a tech stack that moves in parallel with your ERP solution, and that is unique to your business – so your digital transformation brings proper ROI in terms of operational efficiency and financial performance.



The Tech-Savvy Modern CFO: The CFO 3.0

In today’s age, CFOs must recognize that financial management and digital transformation truly go hand-in-hand. Gone are the days of disparate systems, manual entries, and meaningless financial reporting. CFOs need financial reporting and dashboards that are designed to give real-time insights on KPIs and metrics that actually help executives make smart decisions. This session with George Lawton, CFO at The Answer Company, touches on some key actionable tips for the modern CFO. 


Knowing When You’ve Outgrown Your ERP Solution

Like a house that no longer fits a growing family, it is important to recognize when your ERP solution no longer serves your organization’s needs or the digital landscape you compete in. As your business grows and changes, it is easy to just continue tweaking your ERP and incorporating add-on modules to make do – but this significantly stunts growth. In this session, The Answer Company’s Director of Pre-Sales and Solution Design, Darren Redies, identifies five tell-tale signs it’s time to swap out an insufficient ERP.


Government Grants for Canadian Business Technology 

The size of your technology implementation project will depend on the immediate needs of the company, but also your budget. There are several funding options available for ERP implementation projects in North America. In this chat between Stephanie Sang, CEO of Granted, and Shawn Ostheimer, CEO of The Answer Company, you will learn more about digital transformation grants available in Canada and the US. 



Cybersecurity Considerations in Your Systems

Cybersecurity is a component that not only moves in tandem with digital transformation, but it makes or breaks your organization’s success in the digital age. Concerns and misunderstanding of cybersecurity is one of the main reasons why organizations are afraid to consider a cloud-based system. However, there are many concrete steps to build security within your organization’s tech stack. Learn all things systems security in these four unique cybersecurity webinars, led by The Answer Company’s Service Manager and Head of IT, Vince Andriani

IT Disaster Recovery: Preventing Loss and Staying Secure

In today’s digital landscape, there are many different threats that can attack, damage, or steal your organization’s data. Having an IT disaster recovery plan with the proper systems in place can protect your organization from IT attacks that could cause irrecoverable damage. This webinar explores the major forms of backup and recovery, how to search for cybersecurity in your ERP solution, and how to prepare for the increasingly digital future. 


Beware Ransomware: How to Spot it, How to Avoid it, and How to Deal with it

There was an estimated 130% increase in ransomware attacks in 2020, with the main target being small-to-midsize businesses. The average recovery time for a ransomware attack is between 3 to 10 business days. These incidents can be detrimental to your organization in many ways, including cutting into sales, damaging reputation, and permanently losing important data if you fail to complete a full recovery. In this webinar, gain a better understanding of ransomware and learn detailed steps to mitigate an attack on your systems. 


Staying Cyber-Secure: Cybersecurity for Every Level of Your Business

Having systems with top-notch security is very important, but the right technology is only half the battle. The next step to ensuring a cyber-secure organization is to deploy cybersecurity awareness training to particular members in your organization. In this webinar, learn more about who should receive security awareness training, what good training looks like, and how to nurture a cyber-secure organization in your technology and your people. 


Hosting Your ERP: What are your options, and which one is best?

More and more organizations have moved to ERP solutions that are hosted by a cloud-based server – yet many businesses are still unsure of what a cloud ERP truly entails. This webinar compares on-premise versus cloud hosting, and details some of the significant benefits of cloud hosting. Learn more about cloud ERP misconceptions, top cloud ERP softwares, and some successes cloud hosting has brought businesses in today’s remote work environment. 



Responsible Business Practices in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is bringing growth to all industries, reinventing business processes, and solving many challenges brought forth by the pandemic. In recognizing the power of digital transformation, it is also important to take a moment to reflect on business ethics and responsibilities. Led by President and Founder of The Answer Company, Shawn Ostheimer, the following sessions explore responsible business practices in an era of digital transformation. 

The Benefits of Managing a People-First Business

As a technology and software company, what does it mean to put people before technology – and why is it so important? “People First” is The Answer Company’s mission statement. We are a technology services company, but at the core of everything we do, our success depends on people, both inside and outside the organization. In this session, Shawn Ostheimer discusses how driving a “People First” organization helps The Answer Company thrive. 


The Real Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be a transformative experience for both the causes a company contributes to, as well as the company itself. For the majority of years that The Answer Company has been operating, the organization has consistently dedicated time and resources to nonprofit organizations. Over the years, CSR has been a tremendous piece of our culture and it continues to drive the team. Discover the benefits of a CSR initiative in this webinar featuring Shawn Ostheimer and two nonprofit organizations The Answer Company has partnered with for years. 




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