Human Resources Solution for Small Businesses Have Functionality Boost

To focus your business on developing the skills of your employees, Sage has developed a human resources solution that help organize and structure some of the key functions of the human resources department. Sage HRMS is a human resources solution designed to help small and midsized businesses with HR related tasks like talent management, recruiting, payroll processing, benefits management, time and attendance management, among others.

To boost functionality of Sage HRMS, there are additional solutions that integrate directly with HRMS. Some of these additional modules, or add-ons, come included with Sage HRMS, others are available for an additional price, but they each offer specific in-depth solutions for HR administrative tasks.

Sage HRMS Alerts and Workflow by Vineyardsoft

Sage HRMS Alerts and Workflow is touted as a ‘smoke detector’ for your business. This is how it works: it monitors all your business data, and lets you set up exceptions management, as in where you set up certain conditions, and when these conditions happens, the system lets you know. So anything that falls outside of the standard or desired operations procedures, the system lets you know by, among other ways, sending you an email.

For the “workflow” part, the system does more than just monitor conditions of current workflows. It can also be set up to trigger automatic actions following specific events. For example, say an employee misses work and sends an email explaining the reason, the solution will automatically add the email and information to the employee’s file, keeping a track record of how the situation develops.

Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity

Have you ever wanted to take a deeper look into your employees’ attendance and labour data to help you make future decisions? Sage Time and Attendance does just that, by taking online and real time data and organizing it for managers. Data can be pulled from web-based time clocks, mobile devices, biometric time clocks, and telephones. This data is then delivered to the appropriate users, as defined by management.

This solution is highly configurable for even the more complex policies, like differently structured shifts, premium conditions, holiday rules, pay-to-schedule and so on. It also offers workflow approval controls, to ensure the right amount of time is spent on appropriate tasks, and pay is calculated accordingly. Other features include comprehensive employee scheduling, web and mail alerts, and real-time status monitoring to see what hands are on deck, mileage and expenses tracking, and reporting. The fact that it can save a business 3 to 5 percent in payroll expenses is not bad either.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for Sage HRMS

Crystal Dashboard Design provides users with timely and accurate data to analyze the performance and productivity of employees and the HR department. This data analysis and reporting solution enables users to drill down and crunch numbers, focusing on the ability of HR related activities like recruiting, training, and retention.


It presents information in an easy to use dashboard that consolidates multiple reports and data from various locations. Its advanced functionality includes what-if analysis, built-in alerting and trending to spot patterns and areas of concern, and visual components such as gauges and drill-down charts. The goal is to give managers a wide view of workforce analytics and help them make the right decisions to drive better return on employee investments.

As a parting thought, I recently came across a slide being shown during a business conference that stated: “It’s not longer B2C or B2B, but H2H. Human to Human.” I thought it an interesting prioritization of the nature of the relationships that drive our businesses. It shifts the focus by highlighting the symmetric relationship between two humans interacting in a business setting. It is, after all, humans, your employees, that represent your business.

The solutions presented here support human resources management so that business can focus on developing the skills of their employees. They take care of the mundane, the headaches, and open up space for improvement of employees, which is a powerful thing. To learn more about these solutions, visit the Sage HRMS page.