The Agriculture industry includes a wide range of products, each with its own set of processes and demands. Regardless of what type of agriculture your business specializes in, whether fruits & vegetables, dairy, or meat, Sage X3 delivers the business solution tools you need. Manage your products and processes, maintain a high level of quality control, coordinate transportation, sales, inventory and more. Ensure that every corner of your agriculture business can be governed in one integrated solution for seamless operations and communication.

  • Quality Management & Grading

    Regardless of the type of agriculture you work with, you have to be meticulous about quality management and grading. Sage X3 includes the specific tools to make this as seamless as possible, including defining qualifications & quality type, managing batches, and creating detailed quality documentation, so your product(s) are diligently managed and moderated. Your company can also benefit from access to historical quality data, to ensure the highest level is always maintained.

  • Traceability & Recalls

    No matter how rigorous quality control is, there is always the possibility that a product will need to be recalled. Regulatory compliance is understandably strict in agriculture, however it also makes comprehensive traceability tools essential. With Sage X3, you can trace your products through their entire lifecycle so you always know where they are and can pinpoint specific batches for recall if required.

  • Integrated Purchasing

    Agriculture companies typically have to balance contracts for land, keep track of multiple suppliers, manage materials they are bringing in, and more. Without an integrated enterprise management system to keep track of everything, it's easy to lose track of important information. With Sage X3, you can easily manage supplier contacts, orders, contract histories, receiving histories, purchasing invoices and more.

  • Transportation & Dispatch

    Poor transportation management can result in your product getting tainted or going bad. With Sage X3, you can efficiently determine carriage fees and transport zones, use transport delivery notes to track important information, and issue invoices to transporters without issue. With control of all vehicles involved in purchasing & sales, you can keep your materials and product protected.

  • Enhanced Insight

    Your organization can only be as successful as the information it has. Generate documents that support accounting, taxation, forecasting, purchasing, sales statistics and more with Sage X3, so you have the insights you need to proactively improve and grow your business.

  • Real-time Pricing

    Factors like batch, cost of materials, grading, and season can all impact the price of your products. Sage X3 offers tools to track and manage the data surrounding all of these factors, as well as the flexibility to make real-time updates to pricing based on changing circumstances.