Global competition, customer demands, and changing government regulations can leave today’s chemical manufacturers and distributors reeling at the challenge of operating a profitable organization. Sage X3 offers full integration, from advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting functionalities, so you’ll be in full control of all operations.


Process Manufacturing in the Chemical Industry: the need for Formulation & Quality Control Read it now.
  • Lot Traceability and Recall Management

    Meet the increasing demands of regulators and consumers with the traceability afforded by Sage X3. Robust enterprise solution tools enable you to invest in your company’s future tracking needs and allow better handling of recalls, expiration management, sustainability, labeling, and other major trending concerns.

  • Cost Group Analysis

    As markets change and prices of raw materials fluctuate, you can stay on top of unpredictable shifts to regulate your expenses & pricing. Sage X3 fast reporting gives companies a significant advantage, to quickly factor changing input prices into more informed decisions. Eliminate overstock, waste and/or short of both products and ingredients by ensuring you always have the necessary items on hand to make an appreciable difference to your bottom line.

  • QA/QC Processing

    Controlling product quality is a high priority for chemical industry manufacturers, with quality control impacting compliance & safety, brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and sales. Sage X3 allows for the separation and inspection of products by providing control process functionality within the system.

  • Recipes

    As process manufacturers, chemical companies utilize recipes, rather than bills of materials, to create products that cannot be disassembled to a component level. Sage X3 supports the unique needs of process manufacturing right out of the box, making it a more convenient and affordable choice for chemical manufacturers.

  • Continuous Flow Manufacturing

    In a continuous flow operation, managing variability is critical. You can predict anticipated yields by comparing planned inputs to planned outputs, and account for these values in a recipe specification. Sage X3 proven solution for continuous flow, batch manufacturing provides clarity, allowing your business to optimize and find new levels of efficiency.

  • Formulation

    Meet the unique challenges with an unrivaled chemical industry ERP solution. Procession elevates Sage X3 in regulatory compliance, formula management, quality control, manufacturing, and customer service. Tested and verified to meet best practice integration methodologies for Sage X3. Procession requires no additional hardware or user training.

Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry

Outdated IT infrastructure could be holding your chemical company back from complex change, delivering safer products at a lower cost, and preparing for growth. There are digital tools that can help you meet future challenges head-on.

The IDC, along with Sage, developed this in-depth report that is invaluable to those looking to transform their chemical manufacturing operation.

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