Education Institutions and Organizations can often face the same challenges as small businesses surrounding budgeting, accounting and data management. Sage Intacct gives you the tools and insight you need to manage resources, save money, automate processes and improve visibility so your team isn’t constantly weighed down by time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Manage Multiple Campuses or Locations Out-of-State

    Whether you're a charter school with multiple locations or an educational non-profit looking to expand, you need to be able to consolidate financial data. With Sage Intacct dimensions and data are shared across locations, even if the locations don't interact with each other. This means that you have complete visibility of all of your locations from one system.

  • Effectively Manage Funds and Grants

    Educational institutions and organizations rely heavily on funds and grants. In order to even qualify for them you often need to be able to provide reports with detailed insight into your data. Sage Intacct makes managing the regulatory issues surrounding funds and grants as well as creating the reports you need simple and seamless.

  • Seamless Integration with External Systems

    It's common for educational institutions and organizations to have their financial management and CRM systems separate. This can cause problems when they don't communicate with each other, making financial analysis, reporting and consolidating both time-consuming and challenging. The advanced integration provided by Sage Intacct ensures that information can flow freely between your CRM (or other external systems) and Sage Intacct.

  • Over 150 Standard Reports based on Best Practices

    You have so much data, but what's the best way to analyze it and put it into reports? Sage Intacct gives you access to over 150 predefined reports designed based on industry best practices. You can feel confident you have visibility into the information you need. With the ability to customize standard reports, build your own, and add reports to interactive dashboards where you can monitor your data in real-time. The sky's the limit!