Today’s financial services industry is dynamic and competitive, and your supporting software needs to be able to accommodate rapid change and growth. Sage 300 Financial Services gives you the ability make strategic decisions, pilot your business, and improve your profitability with efficiency. You can increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that everyone has the information they need to effectively and quickly respond to inquiries, and also resolve any complaints or disputes. You’ll also boost your revenue by ensuring that all sales opportunities are captured, followed up on, and converted while also ensuring that the the best possible prices are negotiated with your suppliers and relationships are optimally managed.

  • Comprehensive Financial Management

    Financial services organizations are typically complex with multiple companies needing robust consolidation, inter-company processing, accounts payable, and payments management. Sage 300 delivers these capabilities in a cost-effective solution. Sage 300 offers tight audit and security throughout the solution, to ensure compliance with internal audit requirements.

  • Seamless Integration

    Integration to banking systems or other operational systems is a common requirement for financial services companies. Many current systems offer some ability to be integrated, but our solution offers the experience of integrating to a diverse set of systems, with the flexibility needed to accommodate each financial services company's unique requirements for data management and reporting.

  • Enterprise Budgeting and Forecasting

    Offering a solution that supports complex budgeting requirement and dynamic forecasting is critical to delivering the right information to a board of directors and executive management. Our solution leverages the power of Excel, which is familiar to most financial departments, but with the controls and security needed to ensure integrity of the processes.

  • Robust Asset Tracking

    Financial services companies have a lot invested in their fixed assets and tracking and managing these assets is critical for success. Our Sage 300 solution offers the ability to track, count, depreciate and ensure that assets receive the attention they need and deserve.

  • Procurement

    Sage 300 offers robust procurement that includes the ability to track requisition contracts throughout the organization. Procurement is a key need in financial services companies, who often have many locations, and Sage300 is able to support these needs.

  • Complex Financial Reporting

    All companies believe their financial reporting requirements are complex, but this is most true in financial services companies due to the number of constituencies they service, including the board, executive, regulatory agencies, and management. Sage 300 offers reporting solutions that provide the capability to present financial reports in many different ways to ensure the needs of these constituents are met. The Answer Company has worked with many financial services organizations to deliver these reports, so we understand what is required, and we have the experience to deliver.