With Sage X3 you’ll be able to make strategic financial decisions, pilot your business, and improve your profitability. This solution ensures that all the right people have the financial metrics they need to make sound financial decisions. Now you’ll have increased customer satisfaction, by ensuring that everyone has the information they need to effectively and quickly respond to inquiries, and resolve any complaints or disputes. Key for the financial services industry, you’ll also boost your revenue by ensuring that all sales opportunities are captured, followed up on, and converted while also ensuring that the best possible prices are negotiated with your suppliers and relationships are optimally managed.

  • Security

    Financial services companies require robust security due to tight regulatory controls and fiduciary obligations. Sage X3 offers you the flexibility to implement optimal security measures by allowing users to access specific tasks and functions, reports, menus and transactions as well as you can set up user-level parameters. Assign roles to allow users to filter data for complete protection of your company’s information.

  • Multi-ledger Capability

    Financial services companies require analytical reporting that conforms to government reporting requirements and necessitates tracking in multiple general and analytical ledgers. Sage X3 allows companies to define an unlimited number of ledgers, and the ability to post transactions in all of them simultaneously. This streamlines data entry while ensuring accuracy.

  • Import/Export Functionality

    Importing and exporting data to external systems outside the ERP requires a flexible and precise solution. You can transfer data from both the master and transactional records, and predefined templates make the task of matching import files and data sources effortless and accurate.

  • Dimensional Accounting

    Analytical Accounting allows companies to capture detailed data and secure the analysis needed to strategically compete in their markets with a streamlined, succinct solution. Users can also create dimension codes to tag and report transactions such as: date, financial and statistical information.

  • Multi-Legislation Available

    Sage X3 covers more than 100 countries in the world. The localization of Sage X3 covers the translation and the legislation, and one localization is able to cover many countries, following the same legal rules and the same language. For companies operating in multiple areas of the world, they can rest assured that this single solution meets the needs of all users, wherever they are working.