Sage 300 users enjoy all benefits the application features that address the needs of food and beverage processors and distributors. Sage 300 Food and Beverage enables companies to fill out customer orders, manage recipes, control inventory, plan and manage production, while staying up-to-date and compliant with all complexities that stem from increasing government regulations.

  • Lot Traceability with Expiry

    Sage 300cloud's powerful traceability tool allows for easy tracking of goods anywhere along the distribution chain. Food and beverage companies striving to deliver the freshest products can utilize lot traceability to allow for easy identification of raw materials as well as expiration threats. Minimize your risk for product recall by ensuring your food is delivered on time and with the proper ingredients.

  • BOM - Recipe

    Poor data management is often a key hindrance to the smooth operations of your business. Bills of Materials (BOM's) are an essential part of quality control systems and managing them well can allow for smooth inventory flow and reduced costs. With increased insight, you're able to forecast inventory needs and predict the exact amount needed for production; saving time and money.

  • Cost Accounting

    With Sage 300cloud's cost accounting abilities, you're able to track, record and analyze all the costs associated with different activities within your organization. Unlike other inconvenient ERP systems that do not integrate accounting with other business areas, Sage 300cloud is able to integrate your sales and service functions with accounting for streamlined financial management and improved financial reporting and compliance.

  • Multi-Segment Inventory

    With multi-segmented inventory management, you're able to ship orders on time from multiple locations. Sage 300cloud enables you to divide your stock into various categories including seasonal items, special or obsolete items, non-stocked items, revenue generators and much more. By organizing your inventory into different layers, you're able to strategically stock individual inventories across all levels of the supply. When your inventory is segmented, you gain a better appreciation and understanding of your products overall, which greatly increases your forecasting ability.

  • Contract Pricing for Customers

    Reduce potential disagreements, uncertainty and additional costs by setting up specialized contracts upon order entry. Pricing contracts allows for better budgeting and increases your financial stability. Additionally, you're able to increase customer loyatly and satisfaction by setting up your own contract parameters.