Non-Profit organizations face a host of challenges surrounding tracking and managing donations, funds, grants and more. Not for profit accounting also has multiple regulatory and compliance responsibilities. Charities can gain access to the same advanced accounting and reporting functionality that large corporations benefit from with Sage Intacct, a cost-effective modern cloud accounting solution.

  • Non-Profit Financial Boardbook

    Having a comprehensive view of your finances is critical for future planning and determining the resources your organization needs. Sage Intacct accounting software for non profits offers a non profit reports financial boardbook that's designed specifically for charities with pre-built dashboards that empower you to do things like examine revenue trends, monitor expenses or program results and track sustainability metrics.

  • Fast ROI

    As a non-profit you probably don't have a lot of money to spare, so when investing in cloud-based accounting software for non profits, you need to know that it isn't going to leave a burning hole in your pocket. On average, Sage Intacct customers achieve a 250% ROI with a payback period of less than 6 months, so you can feel confident that your solution is going to empower your business instead of burdening it.

  • Advanced Revenue Recognition Management

    Donations play a significant role in sustaining non-profits, but how do you recognize that revenue? It likely comes in periodically along with other grants and income streams. Sage Intacct takes the chaos out of not for profit revenue recognition by creating separate closes for each revenue source and giving charities the ability to create specific reports that can be provided to each funder.

  • Centralized Controls

    Organization is the oil that keeps non-profits running smoothly and having to manage different areas of the organization with multiple solutions can pose a major roadblock. Sage Intacct centralizes everything from how responsibilities are distributed to the management of cash flow and budget allocation in one solution so your team can focus on goals without being bogged down with administrative tasks.

  • Funds and Grants

    Funds and Grants are just as challenging to manage as they are helpful, so having easy access to the information you need to apply for them can have a huge impact on how successful your non profit organization will be in the awards stage. In Sage Intacct you can take a deep dive into your data, slicing and dicing it however you need within a matter of minutes so you can create reports tailored to the requirements of the funds and grants you're applying for.

  • Advanced Functionality without Expensive Maintenance

    Non-profit organizations may not have access to the funds that for-profit organizations do, but that doesn't mean that your accounting solution requirements are any less complex. As a cloud ERP solution, Sage Intacct empowers you to leverage the same solution functionality that major corporations use without the large upfront costs associated with many on-premise solutions, or the need to have in-house IT experts to support the system.

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The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide

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The fact is, it’s never easy to be a CFO. CFOs are under the gun to achieve so much: automate processes, improve productivity, create greater levels of transparency and visibility, enhance the governance of the organization, and strengthen the team’s decision-making and strategic focus.

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