Sage 300 equips businesses in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries with the tools necessary to compete in this highly competitive environment. As pressures mount for lower prices and greater regulatory reach, companies must still focus on improving thinning pipelines and managing rising operational costs. As the industry continues to transform, companies can benefit from incorporating all business processes into one software solution through Sage 300’s scalable, flexible, and cost-effective features.

  • Lot Traceability with Expiry

    With extensive lot traceability, you have full control and visibility into your inventory which is crucial when dealing with sensitive or hard-to-access ingredients. Sage 300cloud's impressive lot traceability tool increases the transparency of your business and enables you to idenitfy problems significantly sooner. Through real time tracking you can assure quality control & compliance, minimize distribution costs, and handle recalls with lightning speed.

  • Recipe Management

    In this highly competitive industry, it's important to keep a well managed recipe and formula system that allows your information to evolve in real time. Improve your decision making abilities by having up-to-date information at your fingertips and increase productivity by defining your own rules and procedures for handling irregular events.