The hospitality industry is ruled by positive customer experiences. When your systems are not up to the task, or outdated workflows are causing problems, your customer experience suffers. By employing a hospitality ERP solution that integrates with key solutions for customer relationship management, inventory and HR management (to name but a few), you can gain real-time visibility into all the areas of your business. This all feeds into a single source of truth that can span across franchises, locations or countries.

How ERP Solves Hospitality Pain Points


  • Stand-alone software systems

    For hospitality companies, having stand-alone software systems can be a big challenge. With incomplete – often inaccurate – information, hospitality managers do not have a complete picture of the company's overall performance. With a hospitality ERP solution, you can gain real-time visibility into your business performance spanning your entire organization. Allowing you to uncover new profitability opportunities and prepares you to forecast and anticipate future trends.

  • Outdated manual processes

    Customer service for the hospitality industry is crucial. So if your employees are stuck doing outdated, manual and paper processes rather than focusing on customer service, it’s unlikely that your hospitality business will succeed. With a modern ERP platform, you can streamline processes for employees and reduce manual processes. This saves time and money, which allows more time spent focused on your customers.

  • Staying compliant while your company expands

    Expanding for a hospitality business can be a challenge. Each new business location has new tax laws and regulations; additionally, having to deal with the complexities of international guests and vendor relationships that span the entire world can all be a pain. With a hospitality ERP solution, integrate offices and subsidiaries with headquarters systems across multiple entities and borders! Modern ERP software also has the capability to simplify compliance with local taxes and regulations with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.

The Benefits of ERP for Hospitality

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  • Built-in Customer History

    For any company, customer retention is important; however, in the hospitality industry, it is crucial to be successful. With a hospitality ERP solution, give yourself the ability to save, change, manage, and modify all your guests' information, while storing the data in an accessible and secure cloud server. Additionally, by keeping track of which customers arrive, their preferences, comments and concerns, you can better serve their needs.

  • Increase Efficiency

    With modern hospitality ERP software, you can have real-time information on room availability, guest check-ins and checkouts, calculating charges, delivery options etc., which can enable more efficient planning and coordination within your company. An ERP system eliminates labour-intensive manual processes and makes data collection faster and more accurate. Easily prevent duplicate bookings, manage your listings, prices and much more with a centralized system and give your customers the best service possible.

  • Visibility

    Additionally, a centralized system can provide you with greater visibility so you can supervise all the processes and activities within your organization. Everything from kitchen orders to room statuses and customer checkouts!

  • Easy-to-Use

    Many modern hospitality ERP solutions have ready-made business modules that are designed to deal with finance, inventory, HR, purchases, sales and more! These easy-to-use modules will not only simplify all the complexities that hospitality managers face, but it will provide easier access to data and specific reports for all your staff.

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