The security industry is constantly evolving and changing, increasingly becoming competitive and running on razor-thin margins. It becomes clear that security companies face significant difficulties when you also consider the labour shortage that is currently affecting many industries.

To stay ahead of the curve, companies must think outside of the box and adopt innovative technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue. This requires a robust business management system that helps companies manage all aspects of their businesses, from sales and marketing to human resources and finance. An integrated tech stack creates a solution that pulls all your business data into a central location to help you operate more efficiently while leaving your staff and customers happy.

How ERP Solves Security Industry Pain Points


  • Overcome Tedious Processes

    If you find that your team is hitting the breaking point for managing revenue or manually entering orders, an robust ERP can help automate these processes. Achieve automated billing scenarios to handle several types of billing for distinct types of line items and have automated revenue recognition for those items with an ERP.

  • Complex and Ever-Changing Regulations and Compliance

    The laws are always evolving. Trying to stay ahead of the changes can become challenging and complex. With a Security industry software solution, it makes it easier for you to navigate the bureaucracy. A customized solution can help you manage the demands being placed on your business, from legislative tax and payroll adjustments to location-specific regulations.

  • Delayed, Manual, Inaccurate, Hand-Built Reporting and Forecasts

    Markets move fast, and companies need data to make decisions on where to invest in new products, new headcount and new funding. Manually creating reports in excel leaves room for errors on data which could affect dependencies in big decisions. Having old, inaccurate, and/or backwards-looking information only affects a team’s ability to pivot the business, invest in new markets, know when to hire, or how to respond to competitors. With an ERP for the Security industry, you can increase forward-looking decision making with real-time visibility into your financials. Access key reports that the executive team want to know via real-time dashboards and answer questions such as “How much cash do we have?” or “How are we tracking towards our plan for revenues and expenses?”

  • Lack of Automation and Integration

    Having disparate and unconnected systems is not only annoying, but also invites more errors into your processes. With an up-to-date ERP system, you can connect countless different tools to make your organization run efficiently and have your data located all in one place.

Benefits of a Security ERP

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  • Ensure Profitability

    Improve profit margins and promote strategic decision-making by achieving real-time reporting and intelligence. With an ERP specifically for the Security industry, be able to drill down on contract, client, and line of business profitability using real-time, role-based financial and operational dashboards.

  • Optimize Operational Efficiency

    Automate workflows between hiring, HR, payroll, operations/scheduling, AP automation, and expense management to maximise utilisation and save countless hours. Process automation can save time and increase employee work satisfaction by lowering the amount of data entry errors.

  • Future-Proof Technology

    Security industry software can be used to seamlessly connect field and back office activities and collaboration. You can track the advancement of security employees, speed incident reporting, and improve team communication with anytime, everywhere mobile access. The cloud technology used by an ERP can lowers costs while enhancing data security.

  • Deliver Superior Customer Service

    You can distinguish your company from the competition and improve customer satisfaction with Security industry software. Easily and quickly send security guards in accordance with contract specifications, and give clients transparency by providing thorough records and explanations of the services rendered.

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