How to Maximize SaaS Metrics’ Efficiency in 2023

A great CEO solves multiple process problems simultaneously to avoid potential errors in every stage of the operation. SaaS companies with many integrations will require loads of manual work, resulting in delayed closings, because the data wasn’t captured fast enough or because of inaccuracies due to multiple systems of record. 

As a CEO, you want to make firm decisions and be certain about what is truly happening to your business. That’s where SaaS metrics come in. Sage Intacct solves all accounting problems your business is experiencing by streamlining all processes within one platform. It is a financial management system that proves indispensable for all SaaS companies in 2023. Continue reading to find out how you can drive your business forward next year.

Watch how SaaS CEOS increase metrics up to 80% faster

What SaaS Metrics CEOs Should Monitor

SaaS metrics are an integral part of reporting when analyzing a business’s growth. Here are a few subscription business metrics to look out for: 

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) — How much are you spending to draw in new customers?
  2. Customer Churn — Understand your customers’ experiences when using your product.
  3. Net Dollar Retention — Determine the company’s recurring revenue.

These SaaS KPIs are out-of-the-box reportable metrics inside Sage Intacct. This powerful platform provides fast, complete, and intelligent reports with colorful in-depth graphs that help you visualize the business’s overall health. Reports such as billings and payments are automatically prepared for investors to help them budget on time. High-level meetings can become more productive by sharing bookings and revenues with executives and board leaders in cohorts and, over time, allowing them to make informed decisions. The billing forecasts will bring more predictability for the future and can help you visualize what’s to come in the company. This allows CEOs to make effective decisions today while looking a few quarters down the line.

The Core Functions for Every SaaS Startup to IPO and Beyond

Every SaaS startup will experience growing pains. As the company advances, its structures become more complex. With Sage Intacct, you can start simple and scale big when the time is right. Only commit to the necessities your company needs based on its current stage and layer on the extra functionalities at a later time. This will give you the growth needed as the company goes through the maturity curve. 

Here are the core functions for every SaaS startup:

  1. Over 300 out-of-the-box subscription and SaaS dashboards, usage and project billing, and revenue scenarios.
  2. Investor metrics are readily available. They are prepared up to 80% faster than manual production because it’s in one system with over 200 reports available. 
  3. Sage Intacct can be up and running in as little as 60 days. The setup time varies depending on the company’s scope and historical data.
  4. Reduce the company’s annual expenses by deploying a best-in-class solution, with an average cost of 40% less than purchasing the tech stack parts separately.

The CEO Dashboard – Sage Intacct’s Effective SaaS Metrics

Sage Intacct has helped hundreds of companies deliver positive results for their business. From reducing quote to cash by up to 99%, increasing operational cash flow by up to 20%, and reducing forecast variance by up to 90%; the ultimate CEO dashboard provides key SaaS metrics that are forward-driving factors necessary for your business. 

Edsembli, a SaaS school management platform, shares how Sage Intacct allowed the company “to fine-tune pricing strategies to better align with their goals”. The accounting software supported Edsembli’s decisions when managing resources by allocating them towards more profitable areas and assessing fields closely that require more attention. Learn more about how both Sage Intacct and The Answer Company put Edsembli’s Technology at the head of the class.

TAAL Distributed Information Technologies, a blockchain company, is another business that found success in Sage Intacct. TAAL’s rapid growth highlighted the team’s need for productivity solutions.  “Monthly books are closed within a few days in comparison to quarterly”, David Allen, Chief Financial Officer at TAAL explains. This “simple change saves valuable time we can use for more strategic tasks, and it also provides management with current data we can use to make better decisions.”

As the year comes to a close, CEOs are continuously finding different ways to elevate their internal structures and effectively scale to reach new heights. Financial management systems are vital to the company’s overall success. Propel your business forward in 2023 and schedule a demo today!