Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Users Have an Urgent Decision to Make

Where Do We Go From Here?

The writing has been on the wall for years. Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains is going away. You may have another year or two, depending on which version you’re running — but time is ticking down. By 2025, Microsoft says it will no longer provide support or updates to Great Plains. So Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains users have an urgent decision to make. Where will you go from here?

As your organization formulates a plan and researches next-generation financial management solutions, it’s valuable to hear from others in the same position. A recent survey of 169 CEOs, CFOs, and other finance leaders published by Sage Intacct, explores the pain points and pressures the finance teams of companies running Dynamics Great Plains are experiencing in this time of change. Read more from the survey in this article, Microsoft Dynamics GP Users See the Benefits of Change as ‘Urgent’ Transition Approaches


Pay-to-switch deals can backfire

73% of finance executives say they were offered financial incentives to move from Dynamics Great Plains to Dynamics 365. But sometimes, these deals aren’t all they purport to be. A low introductory price can climb when customers recognize they must buy additional modules to gain the necessary functionality. There can be high, hidden implementation costs to contend with, and even once done, companies begin to recognize the product’s limited functionality and start shopping for something that’s been in the cloud longer and is more robust. 


Loyalty can only take us so far

Dynamics Great Plains holdouts are a loyal bunch. Organizations that use it have deep ties to the product — which was once considered a market leader. Indeed, more than nine out of ten financial executives say that Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains is very effective or somewhat effective in meeting their organization’s needs. 

However, the survey data suggests gaps between what finance departments want and what Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains delivers. One consideration in particular that finance executives reported they needed was better capabilities to understand/analyze core financials. 


Dynamics 365 Business Central — a work in progress

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s answer to Great Plains customers’ dilemma. However, some call the product “a work in progress” built around the concepts of the on-premises Great Plains application. 

Many companies may find that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central does not yet have the breadth of functionality they need. For example, a continuous close (something offered by Sage Intacct, but not currently supported by Business Central) means you’re not waiting until the end of a period to perform reconciliations and gain deeper insights. 


Change for good

Finance professionals have a reputation for being risk-averse — but that doesn’t mean they’re opposed to change. In fact, 81% of financial executives in the survey believe their organizations are extremely or very open to change, and a full 95% say that being even more open to change would benefit their organizations. And there’s never been a better time to change. 

Now is an ideal time to look for a new cloud financial management solution because you’re motivated by a deadline but not yet rushed. Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains is still working, so you can take the time to figure out what your needs are and talk to people who can help you along the way to make a sound, informed decision. We invite you to read more from the survey here and reach out to our team of cloud accounting experts here