MSP, or a Managed Services Provider, is a partner that takes responsibility for the IT maintenance & management for a business.

The level a Managed Services Provider is involved really depends on what your business needs are but can range from hosting & 24/7 monitoring of servers, to ransomware/virus screening & regular backup management.

What’s the benefit? Outsourcing your IT allows you to operate your systems worry-free, and tap into the extensive knowledge base of IT experts, ensuring your network & data are secure and that your systems are always running smoothly. With a dedicated team of experts managing your IT, you can experience the same level security & system assurance as multi-billion dollar enterprises, without the cost & the effort of a large internal IT team. We offer 30 years of experience, and we partner with industry-leading software and hardware vendors to provide not just best in class but also best in industry solutions.

IT Management

IT maintenance is like operating a car; the only way to lower the risk of it breaking down is to get regular maintenance. Dedicated IT Management also helps ensure that your staff can do their job. Our managed services team can set up spam filtering, virus protection, system updates, desktop optimization, and regular network back-ups so your systems are always running at their best.

Benefit from an entire team of experts instead of having to depend on the availability & knowledge of one or two internal IT employees. With an MSP, the majority of issues will already be fixed before they reach you, allowing you to operate without disruptions and make your customers the priority.

Network Monitoring

‘Network’ describes how all of your company’s computer systems are linked together, allowing you to share resources like internet, printers, or all those documents on servers. Businesses deal with valuable information every day, so it’s important that your Network is monitored closely and taken care of. Without proper monitoring and maintenance it is easy for servers (where your data is stored) to become overloaded and even overheated.

With Managed IT, you can limit the risk of disasters related to hardware/software failures, fire/flood or cyber-attacks which can destroy your technology – leaving your systems down for long periods of time and you with an expensive bill in the process. We use the latest technology to monitor your network’s health & safety around the clock.

Technical Support

Common IT issues can range from servers being down, to data not backing up or a virus infecting your network. An MSP gives you access to an entire team of technical experts that are available to help at any time.

We use smart technology to monitor your systems 24/7 for immediate issues and any abnormal activity that could potentially lead to issues down the road, aiming to prevent issues and disruptions before they even happen. Should something occur, our technical support team can be reached through a dedicated phone line Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm PST, with after-hours assistance available for clients upon request. Since things can’t always be fixed over the phone, we also offer on-site technical support.

Technology Consulting

Making decisions regarding technology for your business can be overwhelming. As your Managed Services Provider, we help you create an IT solution that addresses your unique business needs. We’ll conduct a technology analysis using industry best practices to determine how to make your network robust & efficient, and we’ll work with you to develop a plan of action.

IT costs can be unpredictable, but outsourcing your IT to an MSP will provide you with almost everything you need to keep your network & systems running smoothly – in one set monthly cost. For less than the cost of a single staff member, you gain the knowledge & expertise of an entire team that can provide you with objective technology advise, as well as the necessary tools and support needed to keep your networks secure and issue-free.

Questions? Speak to one of our experts to see how an MSP could benefit you.