Why We Are No Longer a NetSuite Partner

As some of you may have noticed, we no longer have NetSuite content on our website and that’s because we are no longer a partner of the solution. While NetSuite is an undoubtedly powerful software and a company with global impact, it has its flaws and we thought it would be helpful to address them, rather than completely erasing all things NetSuite-related and pretending it never happened. So without further, here are four reasons why we’re no longer a NetSuite partner:

1. Unsupportive Partner

We are going to be honest: NetSuite has been a difficult partner to work with. They are not supportive of new partners building a practice and it’s been challenging to be successful while competing with their direct business sales team. They considered anyone to have ever downloaded an item from their website to be “their” prospect and actively targeted our own clients. This is not a respectful partnership and goes against several of our core values. We thankfully enjoy wonderfully supportive partnerships with both Sage and Acumatica!

2. Better Alternatives Available

With so many other well-established cloud ERP options in the market, we’ve found other solutions often have a better ROI. We’ve always been committed to providing our clients with solutions that are ideally suited to their business and over the years, we’ve found strong alternatives for companies looking for true cloud solutions with more industry specific functionality that better serve the needs of our clients– Acumatica and Sage Intacct, for example.

3. Incomprehensive Training & Lack of Client Support

Another concern we discovered with NetSuite is its incomprehensive training. We kept having clients reach out to us for NetSuite support because they were not getting what they needed from NetSuite. We also regularly have longtime NetSuite clients contact us through our website looking for training for new staff because NetSuite does not provide that. While we do certainly provide that with other solutions at times, we began to feel wary of selling a solution where clients were left completely on their own as soon as the purchase was done.

4. Too Expensive

NetSuite has a reputation for being a very expensive solution (see our Acumatica vs NetSuite Pricing blog) and we often found its high-end price prohibitive for prospects and clients. NetSuite is inarguably a leading solution for comprehensive business management but with its current price tag, we have come to realize that it may not be the right fit for the majority of Canadian businesses.

The Answer Company is dedicated to recommending software solutions that we trust will be able to support your business over time, even as it grows and changes – that is why we have a dynamic portfolio of products catered to business of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a true cloud solution for your business, we feel confident in recommending Acumatica or Sage Intacct to our clients based on cost, functionality, scalability, support, and partnership.