Workforce trends have been shifting for some time, but their acceleration over the past 3 years calls for a transformation in the way finance leaders build their teams. Retention, ongoing labour shortages, strong demand for remote work and the shift towards advisory/ service roles in accounting have fueled an increased desire to optimize & automate as many functions as possible within the practice.

For many, they do this by embracing the full potential of cloud ERP and accounting systems. Technology plays a versatile and powerful role in this shift, with automation helping to ease shortage pains, enabling anytime-anywhere access, and shifting focus from mundane tasks to strategic functions in finance, all while helping to attract and retain talent by increasing job satisfaction.

Hear from our panel of executive leaders on the labour market’s current challenges, the role of technology and how to best utilize the power of technology for forward-looking business decisions. The panel includes:

  • Shawn Ostheimer, Founder & President, The Answer Company;
  • David Rumer, Vice President of Market Development and Strategic Alliances, Sage;
  • George Lawton, Fractional CFO & CEO, Powered By Numbers; and
  • Gabriel Lawrence, Director of Finance & Administration, Edsembli.

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