Oregon’s Wild Harvest Eliminates Inefficiencies and Fuels Growth with Sage X3 provided by The Answer Company

VANCOUVER, BC, June 19, 2017 – The Answer Company, Sage’s largest partner in Western Canada and one of the largest in North America, successfully implemented Sage X3 for Oregon’s Wild Harvest, producer of certified organic and biodynamic herbal supplements. They required an upgrade from their legacy manufacturing solution and The Answer Company knew without question that Sage X3, a modern business management solution that specifically caters to the demands of manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, was the solution that would check all the boxes and ensure the business continued to thrive.

Food supplements are treated with as much diligence and regulation as other food and beverage products. As a result, supplement manufacturers have high requirements from their business management software in order to ensure the quality of their products. Lisa Ziomkowski, CPA and Sage X3 Administrator at Oregon’s Wild Harvest describes that they “need manufacturing software capable of matching our workflow and processes. Product traceability, quality assurance, and formula tracking are critical for us.” Sage X3 is a global ERP solution that is designed to cater to the specific challenges faced by manufacturers, which is why The Answer Company identified it as the best fit for Oregon’s Wild Harvest.

The Importance of Quality, Compliance and Tractability

One of the most valued and beneficial features of Sage X3 for manufacturers is its robust traceability functions. With this solution, Oregon’s Wild Harvest is able to assign every item received with a lot number and each item can be rigorously tested to confirm identity, purity and potency, which ensures that only the highest quality organic ingredients make it into the production chain. The tools provided by Sage X3 are essential in supporting Oregon’s workflows and high organic quality standards, allowing them to easily complete the audits & compliance requirements for their organic certification. Every single item is tracked from the time it is received until it reaches the purchasing customers, making it easy for Oregon to ensure that their items are compliant with regulations and giving them the ability to pull them back if they are not. While they’ve never actually had to perform a recall, Sage X3 has extensive functionality that would allow Oregon to recall items and products quickly, efficiently and at any time, no matter where in the product lifecycle.

Realizing the Weight of Inefficiencies and Limitations

Leveraging the full power of Sage X3, Oregon’s Wild Harvest has been able to streamline key processes and eliminate many inefficiencies they were experiencing with their legacy solution. For example, “many of our major grocery chain customers pay for hundreds of stores with a single check,” notes Ziomkowski. “With Sage X3, recording that payment is a simple, straightforward transaction. In our old system, every store was a customer, so dividing that single check between hundreds of customers was laborious.”

Vehicle for Growth

Sage X3 collects a tremendous amount of data and with this information Oregon has been able to improve their reporting and analytics, and gain access to insight that they never had before. This information will help Oregon make informed decisions that will help their business grow, and the flexibility and scalability of Sage X3 will allow them to modify their solution to meet their needs as they change and develop.

Sage X3 has given Oregon’s Wild Harvest the tools they needed to drastically improve operations and gain better insight into their business. Ziomkowski stated, “We feel like we have the best possible combination. We have a consultant we know and trust, and who knows our business. He is backed by the broad technical and engineering resources of The Answer Company. Combine those resources with Sage X3 and we have all the right pieces in place.”

For more information on Oregon’s Wild Harvest’s experience with Sage X3 and The Answer Company, read our case study for the project. This Press Release is also available on Food & Beverage News.

 Our consultant at The Answer Company showed us that Sage X3 is built for food and supplement manufacturers like us – it offers the complete functionality we need.

– Lisa Ziomkowski, CPA and Sage X3 Administrator at Oregon’s Wild Harvest