Your ERP solution hasn’t moved with the Big Data times, but you dread the headaches and hassles of an upgrade. There are so many questions. Is traditional ERP too heavy? How expensive is customization? Can we scale it? What about secure access for mobile workers and telecommuters? Will moving to cloud ERP affect other systems?

Download this whitepaper to find out how to:

  • Evaluate cloud offerings for uptime, security, efficiency, scalability and ease of implementation
  • Understand the basic risks and benefits in different use cases for the four types of cloud ERP: On-Premise, SaaS, Proprietary and White Label
  • Use Risk-Adjusted Cost-Benefit (RACB) Analysis to compare options
  • Optimize economies of scale, flexibility and IT resources
  • Reduce bottlenecks and unscheduled downtime

You’ll also gain insight into the current state-of-play for cloud ERP, along with five key predictions for the future.