Sage 300 ERP for Mining: Better Business and a Better Future

You can help shorten or bridge the gap between all of the information concerning the finances of a business, and all of the production involved. This can be accomplished through using certain types of intelligence tools. Sage 300 ERP for Mining can provide a great foundation for those involved in the mining industry. Sage 300 ERP will offer a number of solutions that range from the exploration phase all the way to the production phase.

Sage 300 ERP consists of different modules that can fit into any kind of mining operation, and that can range from the miners in the exploration phase to the mines that need to be in the development phase.

What Are Some Key Aspects Included in Sage 300 ERP for Mining?
    • Managed Services From End to End
    • Maintenance that is planned
    • Document Management, Workflow
    • Financials will be complete with things such as budgeting and forecasting
    • Internal resources and procurement workflow
    • Business Intelligence
    • Mobility

Everything involved in the Sage 300 ERP suite will cover financial, maintenance, distribution, and other key solutions so you can have a rock solid ERP system. Some of the key components of a mining solution will include the workflow sets. The workflow sets of the different processes are not difficult to use. The sets will include processes that can manage the production and all of the internal cost requisitions.

Sage 300 ERP is known for being able to provide a great foundation for all of the finances and reporting. Sage 300 ERP for Mining also incorporates a suite that can assist with a data entry requests that will be fast and simple. The solution that is designed for workflow will manage all of the attainment and stock issues. This can occur because the workflow suite allows for the creation of a limitless amount of workflows, alerts, and rules. The key component that can help improve decision making is the workflow.

When all of the consultants who manage all of the implementations are experienced and competent, there will be a direct and critical impact on how successful all of the projects will be.

A business will gain great benefits and a competitive advantage in the industry. Contact us for more information on Sage 300 ERP, and how it can be the future of your business.