Sage 300 for Mining tracks setup, production and on-going financials seamlessly.

Keeping track of the information and data sources related to mining activities requires a single-source platform that’s customized for this industry.

Past methods of using numerous silos to store data, and spending unproductive time retrieving it, impacted the bottomline because decision makers had incomplete, or inaccurate information.

That’s why a single-entry system, which is the cornerstone of the Sage 300 for Mining, is well suited for this sector. Key decision makers, for example, can follow the flow of information with the assurance that only authorized users have access—on-premise or in the field via mobile devices.

What does Sage 300 for Mining offer?

The ‘requisition’ process is made easier and each shaft, for example, is allocated the correct expenses, thus enabling tighter cost controls. At the end of the month, there is no need to reconstruct expense allocations as all the user profiles are assigned to the correct workflows.

Old methods of tracking the costs associated with the open pit can be inexact because of ever-changing factors effecting the overall costs. For example, machinery rental and diesel costs per shaft are easily assessed with the SAGE platform. Financial reports can be pulled at any point of the mining operation to capture the overall profitability per shaft.

The SAGE modules can be customized to monitor areas like site survey data, costs for shaft sinking as well as the accumulation of waste product. All such data is linked with the proper ‘paper trail’ for upper C-Level decision makers to assess at any time.

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