Our consultants have access to extensive industry expertise as well as a deep understanding of multiple ERP business management solutions. With a high level of proficiency in these areas, we determine the best course of action, and implement the approved solutions to support you in system launch, training and with access to our team of experts anytime you need us.

Step 3:
ERP Solution Design

How do we plot the Solution Mapping?

Once the strategy has been finalized and approved, the Professional Services team take the lead from this point onward although the whole team revisits the Solution Map for consistency as the project takes shape. We will be problem-solving throughout the process as we continue to custom-fit the solution to your specific needs.

How do we collaborate to ensure our ERP solution is what we need?

It is important to note that things will change as the project progresses, and that you will always have the same team member to translate the updates and progress.  We are committed to building something remarkable that both your business and the Answer Company can be proud of.

What comes next?

Once we have the structure configured, it’s time for our team to revisit the Solution Map and go over the details of data configuration and how best this will support your business. We do this in partnership with you, so we can make sure the solution is serving your needs.

Step 4:
Indepth Specialist Training

How do we become familiar with the ERP solution?

At this point we will train the member responsible for each area with an expert in each product: accounting, sales, purchasing, distribution etc. and ensure that all the components of the solution are covered. These members can range from directors to the frontline, and this is the essential preparation for eventual end-user training.

How do we convert our business data? 

We train and support you in the technical aspects of the system so that you have everything needed to begin entering information into your new solution. This is a great opportunity for you to get first-hand experience with the system and see if there are revisions needed before the training. There is also the option of having our team take care of the data entry if you would prefer.

Step 5:
Functional Testing & ERP Training

How can we determine whether the system is ready for launch?

We begin hands-on, functional testing with real-world scenarios and by working closely together. We encourage you to ask us lots of questions and gain a deep understanding of the software and how it is configured to truly support the business processes. During this ERP training, we can also recommend any additional solutions that could further the business’s goals and solution functionality.

How can we ensure our team’s proficiency with the system

Once your core team members are proficient with the system, they will be able to train the end user- your frontline staff. We utilize a “train the trainer” system through the testing process and the trainers will help to create the documents used for ERP training. We work closely with core team members so that they become experts and can train front-line staff through real-life scenarios until everyone is comfortable with the system and its capabilities.

What happens before we go live?

As we get ready to go live, we will be onsite or assisting remotely for several days prior, and we will be actively involved for about a month after. During this time, we are monitoring your success with the solution and providing any necessary assistance.

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