Sage Services: Tips, Tricks and Support For Sage ERP with Sage City, Sage University and Sage’s Youtube Channel

The landscape of Sage training and support for ERP system users has significantly advanced in recent years, with a number of new resources available to improve user’s experiences with their ERP and accounting solutions.

The First Stop for Sage Resources: Sage City

Sage City is the online community for Sage users to find valuable information related to products. Like most online communities, it brings together a wide variety of people that are in touch with each product – like fellow customers, Sage employees, and product experts. The community members are arranged into groups where they can ask and answer questions, collaborate, share ideas, and solve issues together.

Each Sage product also has its own group in Sage City’s Support community.  In these groups, members can quickly access content like blogs, videos, and other resources as well as joining in discussion in forums. For example, forums for a product like Sage ERP X3 include Announcements, Database and Operating Systems, General Discussions, Intelligence Reporting and so on.

Some of the more popular questions discussed here include:


There is also a section of Sage City committed to general business discussions and help, where members can talk to each other about accounting, sales, human resources, IT, and construction. People from these areas of business share ideas and discuss general business activities. For example, some of the more popular questions discussed here include:

  • How do I enter a previously owned asset into a new company?
  • How do you organize receipts?
  • Company paying for employee education and training courses


Sage University

Sage University is Sage’s more formal Training Center where users can learn every feature of their software solution, get general business info, or learn more about a particular module in their ERP system. Sage University courses are also arranged by product, allowing users to find the best training that meets their needs. Training sessions are available online on-demand, for those that prefer to learn from home or office, as well as instructor-led courses – online or in a traditional classroom.

To find the best course you can search through the entire library of modules and features, but you can also find additional courses that are job related, business skills training, private training or excel courses. For example, job related courses are organized based on the role of users accessing the system. Say you are an Accounting Manager for a company using Sage ERP X3. When you access Sage University you will find an entire online on-demand course curriculum that would flow like this:

  1. Introduction to Sage ERP X3 (currently free, usually $89)
  2. Sage ERP X3 – Accounting Manager: Organizational Setup ($89)
  3. Sage ERP X3 – Accounting Manager: Defining Accounts and Dimensions ($89)
  4. Sage ERP X3 – Accounting Manager: Understanding Automatic Journals ($59)
  5. Sage ERP X3 – Accounting Manager: Entering and Posting Transactions ($89)
  6. Sage ERP X3 – Accounting Manager: Reporting ($89)

Each of these classes would have from 3 to 14 lessons within them for you to learn at your own pace. They are priced in accordance to the amount of content within each course.

Also available through Sage University are webcasts related to products, the software industry, and industries supported by software solutions like ERP and CRM. Product demos and career enhancement webcasts are available at no charge through the Sage Webcast Center.


Sage Youtube Channels

Although there are video content and webcasts available through Sage University and Sage City, Sage also has hours upon hours of videos available through their Youtube channels. Not only that, but also many partners have gone through the effort of posting videos on Youtube as well, improving the user and customer experience.

Product specific videos are neatly organized into playlists, for example:
Sage ERP X3 video library link
Sage 100 ERP video library link
Sage 300 ERP video library link
Sage 500 ERP video library link

These Sage services are designed to improve the user experience, and we hope that this introduction will shed some light into the value of the resources available. ERP and other business software solutions are very complex and useful technologies, and end-user training is the key to getting the most out of them.