Sage PFW vs Sage X3

Since March 31, 2014, Sage PFW has been retired. The Answer Company remains deeply committed to the success of organizations that have invested into this solution through the Sage Investment Protection Plan (SIPP).

Learn about the features in Sage X3 (Benefits over Sage PFW), some of which include:

Financials Bundle and General Platform

  • System supports SQL Server and Oracle database.
  • Web-native communicative platform fosters communication with remote users, partners, and web-hosted applications.
  • The powerful and flexible design is adaptable to unique business processes.
  • System is available in ten languages and multiple legislations.
  • System supports multiledger and allows for unlimited number of fiscal calendars.
  • Up to ten user-defined GL analytical dimensions (segments) may be used.
  • Use a shared chart of accounts across an unlimited number of companies.
  • Account inquiries provide the ability to research financial activity easily through a number of account, account balance, and dimension balance inquiries.
  • Shared business partners across an unlimited number of companies include customers, suppliers, carriers, and sales reps, improving ability to fully access the value of the relationships.
  • Fixed asset management is included as part of core financials bundle.
  • Embedded business intelligence and reporting provides user-defined portals with graphical representations of key business indicators.
  • Import/export templates include object business rules for secure imports.
  • Built-in workflow allows managing approvals and notifications.
  • Built-in dashboard capabilities provide viewing of real-time information user defined and all in one screen.
  • Built-in visual process flows allow easy-to-use navigation and workflow.
  • System supports up to 2,200 concurrent users.

Distribution Bundle

  • Share inventory parts across an unlimited number of companies.
  • Inventory offers multiple costing methods: standard, average, LIFO, FIFO, and lot costing method.
  • Inventory warehouse management provides for complete traceability of all movements.
  • User-defined inventory replenishment rules available by product and site.
  • Lot traceability–forward and backward supports Bioterrorism Act.
  • Inventory balance snapshots also include backorder and QC with zooms giving detail at the location and lot levels.
  • Quantities in QC may be considered when calculating available stock.
  • Warehouse location management is available by row, section, shelf, and bin.
  • Utilize receiving and shipping location on the dock with two-step put away and pick.
  • Choose from multiple units of measure and unit of measure conversion with multiple packaging units of measure pricing and selling.
  • Purchasing supports flexible pricing rules for latest supplier costs, terms, and promotions and supports request for quote process.
  • Import tracking within purchasing provides material visibility and cost reconciliation.
  • Sales orders allows for multiple methods of and more control over automatically allocating stock to sales orders.
  • Multiple shipments against any number of different orders may be combined on one customer invoice.

Manufacturing Bundle

  • System supports finite and infinite capacity requirements planning.
  • Decision-making tools for material planners include MPS charts, MRP schedules, and a planner’s workbench.
  • MRP workbench allows drill down to sources of supply and demand.
  • “Reopen” a closed production order.
  • System supports work center, routings for detail labor, machine and overhead planning, and cost analysis.
  • Standard cost history is available for comparison of previous time periods to current.
  • Choose continuous process manufacturing.
  • Work orders can be tied to projects for project control and reporting.
  • Electronic signatures available for compliance with CFR21-11.
  • System supports bar code data collection for all material movement transactions, labor, and machine time out of the box