Small Business quality control starts with Sage 300 ERP

As the CEO of a growing small business, you’ve spent countless hours in meetings attempting to drill-down on all of the steps related to gathering, processing and analyzing data; this, to bring the ‘ship’ around to better face the headwinds encountered during foreseen expansion.

Without any formal strategy, or reliance on new applications to help lead you through the process, at best you’ve been able to make sense of all the activities ongoing throughout the company.

Specifically, you’ve looked at ways to speed up invoicing, since so many employees work in the field, or are on the road; also, you’ve identified bottlenecks in payroll because of the large number of independent contractors, and the need to track compliance issues when it comes to taxes and any benefits coming to them.

In short, too much time is spent searching for information through antiquated methods—Excel!— that provide little guarantee for accuracy, or many opportunities to discover incomplete data.

Excel? Accepting the fact there is a better way.

Every since Microsoft Excel became available back in the 1993, companies and organizations relied on its ability to provide seemingly error-free and quick computational results.

Then, the software may have been considered to be fully ‘automated,’ providing grids of cells, rows and columns to receive for most any calculations and carrying forward computations in a range of graphs, histograms and charts.

One of the benefits derived from business improvements in the accounting department through using Sage 300 ERP Accpac, an out-of-the-box solution that is scalable as your business grows:

    • Minimal entry errors in credit-debit columns, thanks to internal controls to check data.
    • Automates ledger and journal postings
    • Entries carry forward to other sheets versus manual entries on many worksheets—plus manually manipulating formulas when needed.

Company-wide, by implementing the right business improvements, owners and stakeholders are better suited to meet growth objectives; this through better quality control.

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