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As a finance leader, you know it’s important to create efficient processes and scalable solutions. But if tedious day-to-day tasks or a lack of data and insights is hindering your strategic pursuits, “going digital” could be the perfect solution. AvidXchange automates the way companies pay their bills by providing invoice capture, approval workflows, electronic payments, and seamless integration with your accounting or ERP solution. Significantly reduce your processing costs and time spent on processing invoices and payments by removing the paper—along with all the time and clutter that goes along with it. 

Benefits of AvidXchange

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  • Anywhere, Anytime Access From any Device

    Gain flexibility to tackle AP tasks from anywhere through a 24/7 online platform that enables employees to be more productive and avoid delays. This access simplifies auditing, budgeting, forecasting and reporting, all while granting finance leaders the proverbial “30,000-foot view” of their business.

  • Scales Along With You

    Growth is a top priority for most companies and with AvidXchange, you can easily handle your business’ future goals and steadily growing work volume — without increasing your headcount. Additionally, automated AP allows your company to reduce or eliminate printing or mailing stations, file cabinets and other assets — which means you can save costs on valuable office space.

  • Increase Efficiency

    With AP automation, your staff will no longer need to open and sort paper invoices or wait for inter-office mail or overnight couriers for approvals. Reducing admin work tied to invoice approvals enables employees to take on new strategic initiatives.

  • Configurable to Multiple Industries

    Although there are industry-specific AP software solutions available, AvidXchange stands out by providing AP automation that caters to the requirements of various industries, including finance, construction, real estate, hospitality, and technology, among others.

  • Cutting-Edge Fraud Detection Technology

    AvidXchange recognizes the threats when it comes to processing payments, especially in a digital platform. In tandem with embracing e-payment alternatives, AvidXchange also integrates cutting-edge security measures to reduce the vulnerabilities associated with fraudulent transactions, including unauthorized payment requests.

  • Paperless Invoice Processing and Approval

    AvidInvoice, AvidXchange’s invoice processing solution, leverages OCR technology to autonomously encode paper invoices, effectively diminishing the need for manual data entry and the errors it can introduce. After encoding, the invoices are automatically matched and allocated to the predefined workflows within the system. For approval processes, you have the option to establish an automated routing workflow to ensure that invoices are directed to the respective teams or departments as per your requirements.

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