Manage your entire customer lifecycle under one roof. Through Acumatica’s native interface, seamlessly integrate your BigCommerce eCommerce site with Acumatica’s financials, inventory, operations, and reporting. Elevate customer experiences, gain valuable business insights, and boost revenue with a unified commerce platform.

Benefits of BigCommerce

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  • Comprehensive Online Transaction Oversight

    Gain insights into the financial aspects of your online transactions, tracking revenue, expenses, and other monetary elements. Monitor the entire lifecycle of sales orders, from creation to fulfillment, ensuring a comprehensive view of your transactional processes. Get access to detailed information about the movement and storage of products within your warehouse, optimizing inventory management.

  • Dynamic Real-Time Communication

    BigCommerce will ensure that the inventory displayed on your BigCommerce site is continuously updated, reflecting accurate stock levels and product details. It also facilitates real-time communication between your BigCommerce site and your internal systems, such as financials and warehouse management, to maintain data accuracy and consistency.

  • Seamless Native BigCommerce Integration

    Enjoy a seamless connection between Acumatica Commerce Edition and BigCommerce, streamlining data flow and minimizing the need for additional integration efforts. Save costs and resources by leveraging the native integration capabilities of Acumatica Commerce Edition, eliminating the necessity for purchasing and implementing additional software.

  • Customer-Centric Streamlined Buying Process

    Enhance customer satisfaction by offering a streamlined buying process that accommodates product variants, make-to-order items, and personalized customer-specific pricing. Tailor pricing to individual customers by allowing them to choose the specifications that meet their preferences. This fosters loyalty and satisfaction through personalized and competitive pricing structures.

  • Expedited Refunds and Exchanges

    Enable a responsive system for processing refund requests, ensuring timely and efficient resolution for customers. Centralize the refund and exchange process within your web storefront, providing a seamless experience for both customers and your business operations.

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