BigTime’s Professional Services Automation software is tightly integrated with Sage Intacct, allowing you to have a best-in-class system that leverages automation and powerful financials, leaving your team free to work on value-adding tasks. The solution includes project management tools, time-tracking and streamlined billing. It is a SaaS-based system that is custom-built for the professional services industry, tying perfectly into Sage Intacct’s advanced project accounting functionalities.


Benefits of BigTime and Sage Intacct

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  • Manage Employees across both solutions

    The integration allows employee information to be pulled from Sage Intacct into BigTime, meaning if the email address on the Intacct employee matches the email address on the BigTime staffer, the software will automatically link the two. When new employees are added, they can also sync bi-directionally. Imported employees in BigTime can manage projects and track their time and expenses. Resource management capabilities also ensure that your team is allocated efficiently and effectively. HR and Payroll information can also move easily between the systems.

  • Get granular on your billable hours

    Based on the high degree of customization with Sage Intacct, BigTime inherits detailed fields such as time types, items, classes, departments, sales, and purchase orders, locations, and many more providing an extensive and powerful integration. BigTime also allows for flexible billing rates, including an unlimited number of custom rates for each project.

  • Speed up your billing

    Invoice faster and grow your revenue by leveraging BigTime’s central hub for tracking WIPs, drafts, billing rates, cost rates, PDF formats, billing rules and more. BigTime's any time, anywhere access to time and expense tracking also means your staff can submit while on the go, which means less follow-up from your project accounts team and faster dispatching of invoices for services.

  • Optimize your workflows and processes

    Optimize your internal processes from project creation, setting budgets, approving time and expenses, to sending custom client invoices. Both BigTime and Sage Intacct use automated workflows to streamline reviews, rejections, and approvals for expenses, payments and all other communications (as defined by you). Notifications alert managers/approvers and employees when they have expense reports or timesheets to review, approve, or correct.

  • Keep track of your projects

    The BigTime and Sage Intacct integration excels in providing real-time visibility into project plans, statuses and budgets. You can set up tasks for each project and assign hourly, fee, and expense budgets. From there, you can keep a close eye on project budgets, POs, or NTE (Not To Exceed) amounts. All of the secure information in the systems is protected through custom access rights for managers or delegated staff. Harnessing the power of Sage Intacct’s visual report writer, you can visually manage tasks and see where they fall in the larger project at hand.

  • Powerful and Insightful Reports and Dashboards

    With BigTime and Sage Intacct, the reports you need and want to see are easy to find, customize or create. Built-in tools make it easy to copy or amend reports. You can even view related reports to see different built-in field options you may prefer. If the report you want doesn’t exist, the user-friendly interface means you can create custom reports from scratch using filters to refine your metrics reporting to your specific needs. You will be able to gain actionable insights and take more control of your firm’s output. Sage Intacct’s custom fields and project accounting abilities tie all of this info to your financials.

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