Whether you’re sourcing, importing, roasting or selling coffee, there are specific activities that are unique to your industry. From source to sale, Cropster gives you full visibility of the journey of your coffee, tracking all of the needed information for compliance and food safety regulations. When this proprietary software is integrated with a cloud-based ERP like Acumatica, you can connect your inventory to your eCommerce site and Accounts Payable. Use Acumatica’s powerful reports to maintain a bird’s eye view of your whole operation.


Benefits of Cropster and Acumatica

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  • Software for every kind of coffee producers

    Cropster has solutions for people at every point of the coffee journey: from green coffee buyer to cafe managers and every variation in between. All can be integrated with Acumatica using The Answer Company’s proprietary connection. Information can pass easily between them, meaning you have visibility on everything you need: inventory, machine maintenance, quality assurance, and even Point of Sale technology for your storefront or cafe.

  • Leveraging Cropster’s impressive footprint

    Cropster leverages its expertise and ubiquitousness to let you source and buy green coffee from registered sources around the world. Once it gets to you, you can manage inventory, build schedules, roast, project outputs, manage quality control, and support selling your coffee. Every feature is focused on saving you time at the roast machine, in the office, or on the road. With efficient sample management, green grading, sample roasting and cupping, Cropster Lab delivers a comprehensive tool for your sourcing decisions.

  • Branch-to-Business Management

    Cropster’s Origin mobile app lets you record raw cherry delivered to you, monitor drying and storage conditions with Cropster AmbientSensors, and use built-in cupping and green grading tools to ensure consistent quality. Origin delivers more control, greater efficiency, and ultimately more profit for your business. From there, Cropster tools helps you manage roasting, production and storage of finished products that are ready for market. All of this information can be synced to your Acumatica ERP, meaning you have full visibility on your whole business and can tie key metrics (like inventory of raw cherry or whole roasted beans) to your financials, helping you optimize your operation.

  • Built for scale and specificity

    The coffee industry has unique challenges and the Cropster and Acumatica integration supports the diverse needs of small-medium businesses and enterprises alike. Some of the world's fastest growing and largest coffee businesses use Cropster to stay competitive and produce high quality products. These businesses have unique requirements based on their scale, scope and focus.

  • Integrated eCommerce and production

    Improve your eCommerce and production planning workflows for your wholesale and retail customers to increase margins, save time on daily admin tasks, and sell more efficiently.
    Cropster has wide experience with eCommerce solutions that help coffee businesses reduce operating expenses that can eat up to 38% of their margins. Cropster and Acumatica’s integration can help businesses present their coffees, collect orders online, and turn orders into production plans quickly and efficiently. Manage your roast schedule remotely and run reports on usage trends directly from your phone or tablet. Pull all of this into your Acumatica ERP to integrate the coffee side of your business with the administrative side.

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