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Altec’s DocLink is a document management and workflow automation solution designed to streamline document-intensive processes within businesses. It helps organizations manage, capture, retrieve, and route documents and data across departments, reducing manual processes and paper usage.

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing, you have options with DocLink. Implement your way, at your pace. There’s no software to install or servers to manage. With minimal investment, your document management can be up and running in no time with DocLink.

Benefits of DocLink

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  • Easy Integration

    Altec mainains strategic, collaborative alliances with ERP solutions such as Acumatic and Sage to provide your business with a seamless integration.

  • Smart Forms

    The Smart Form Toolkit sets DocLink apart by allowing you to configure your own personalized DocLink UI for collecting data used to process and approve your documents, quickly see related documents, or to even generate new documents.

  • Mobile

    Not only will you have access anywhere but you also have options to work on the device that is most convenient. Searching for documents on a phone or tablet is easier than ever.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    DocLink enables easier sharing and collaboration on documents among team members, regardless of location, fostering better teamwork and quicker decision-making.

  • Go Paperless

    Internally generated documents are captured directly into DocLink. Externally generated documents are brought into DocLink through scan, fax or other capture methods. Documents are electronically processed and anyone with security rights may access them from anywhere.

  • Compliance and Security

    The system provides secure storage and ensures compliance with regulatory standards by managing document access, version control, and audit trails.

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