EDI creates a bridge between two computer systems for the purpose of exchanging information, such as translating data like invoicing and purchase orders, and connecting your supply chain. With this powerful solution, data sharing is efficient and accurate. An EDI ERP Solution helps you reduce the time spent on manual data entry and reduces translation errors.
  • Streamline your Supply Chain

    Retailers and Supply Chains can reduce time spent on translating documents from one system to another by using EDI. This means cost savings through increased efficiency and accuracy that drives productivity.

  • Process Controls

    Integrated controls within Transaction Manager make sure that customer-requested data is correctly entered. Receive notifications of invalid fields before you send out transactions to eliminate chargebacks and reduce turnaround time on orders.

  • Transaction Reporting

    Utilize a dashboard featuring real-time and configurable insights into transaction history. It is easy to generate pre-built custom reports. Auditing and reconciliation are simplified with the ERP and you can track and analyze data quicker and more meaningfully.