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Emerald’s Elastic Suite is a holistic B2B eCommerce solution that offers advanced management tools for all B2B needs, including sales, inventory, and distribution. Elastic allows brands to sell directly to their buyers using print-free digital product catalogs and merchandising technology. 

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a fully customizable Best-in-Class management software with systems and integrations that streamlines and automates manual error-prone tasks, and captures data in intuitive real-time dashboards. Acumatica Distribution Edition helps businesses seamlessly manage accounting processes, streamline warehouse order processing, and boost operational efficiency. 

The integration between Elastic and Acumatica forms a technology stack that brings together data on customers, inventory and products, financials, and more – completely eliminating data silos and producing dashboards that are useful to all stakeholders.

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Elastic suite and Acumatica Integration Cheat sheet

Benefits of Elastic Suite and Acumatica

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  • Seamless Data Synchronization

    Open API connection allows for seamless data flow between Acumatica and Elastic. Data on orders, customers, pricing, inventory, and financial performance is shared, maintaining a single source of truth for your team and your customers. Data synchronization can be completed in batches, scheduled periodically, or automated at all times. Fields that don’t already exist in Acumatica can be easily custom-built.

  • Error Detection for Order Processing

    New orders passing through Elastic will automatically create a sales order in Acumatica. If any errors are returned by Acumatica during the process, Elastic will log the error and send it back for review. If the error occurred due to missing or incorrect information in Acumatica, users can simply resend the order from Elastic. If an error occurred in the Elastic order, users can re-enter the information directly in Elastic.

  • Automated Customer Pricing and Discounting

    In Acumatica, customers are assigned to a Customer Price Class to define a custom discount percentage. This discount amount is synced with Elastic to automatically change the unit price of order items as per the customer’s discount percentage. Sales discounts applied at the document level will pass through and override the original discount amount.

  • Drill-Down Stock and Product Management

    Elastic’s item information, including Brand, Style, and Color are stored as Stock Item Attributes in Acumatica to help maintain accurate stock of an array of product varieties. A new screen in Acumatica allows for one-click addition of attributes onto stock items. These custom attributes are also useful to maintain basic information about permission groups for catalogs and stock items.

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