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Safer Biometric Employee Time Clocks


With HandPunch time clock devices being phased out and communities looking to reduce the risk of spreading viruses, a new approach to clocking in employees is necessary. Deploying a new contactless biometric time clock with iris and facial recognition controls and thermal temperature readings can take care of attendance and potential virus screening in one fell swoop. 

Fully integrated with Sage 300 and Sage HRMS, the iT100 system is flexible, secure and provides safer and faster authentication. 

The challenges of service delivery on all of the levels expected of indigenous communities are complicated by strict budgets. The better that you can manage staff scheduling and time & attendance tracking, the more cost savings you can enjoy due to higher productivity, better workforce deployment, improved service delivery, and best of all — a safer environment.

The iT100 is ideal for First Nation communities and band offices that need to track attendance, mitigate the spread of COVID/other airborne diseases and reduce manual data entry to free up staff time for more valuable work.

Given the prevalence of anxiety around the privacy of fingerprint time-tracking, the iT100 system stores no fingerprints, only facial biometrics.

When you clock in, the system recognizes you, verifies your identity and takes your temperature. If your temperature is over a predetermined temperature threshold, management is notified by email.

Benefits of Intelligent Time & Attendance

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  • Site Security

    Multiple points of biometric data, including iris scans and facial recognition, and the ability to discern if users are wearing glasses, masks or facial hair. Employees or those that are added at setup can be automatically confirmed by the system using facial and iris recognition. No fingerprint data is ever taken or stored for this system.

  • Contactless

    Authentication is automatically confirmed quickly and easily, just by looking at the screen. No cards. No fobs. No mistakes. The iT 100 is completely touch-free for all employees both during set-up and daily use. Because there is no contact, there is no need for cleaning between each employee sign-in.

  • Workplace Safety and Transmissible Diseases

    Alongside being touch-free, the iT100 system takes temperature readings while clocking employees in. This helps Health and Safety departments ensure that guidelines for working safely during periods affected by transmissible diseases. Management are automatically notified by email when an employee tries to clock in with an elevated temperature.

  • Integrates with Back-Office Systems

    The software solution that operates the iT100 has the ability to integrate with your current HR and Payroll software, job costing software and your accounting system at large, creating a streamlined process from start to finish. This eliminates the need for manual entry of details into payroll, meaning less work for the finance team and expedited pay for employees.

How the iT100 System Works


1. Enroll Users
2. Clock In & Out
3. Authenticate
Adding a user, for both facial and iris recognition, takes about two minutes, aided by features like automatic confirmation that the user is the right distance from the system.
The user simply approaches the IT100, which automatically confirms when the user is in position. The built-in camera’s automatic tilt feature intuitively finds and reads the user’s facial and eye patterns.
Users are quickly authenticated with clear confirmation on the large 7” LCD display. If authentication can’t be confirmed, management is immediately alerted through one or more channels.


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