Lightspeed for Restaurants is a full-control platform that includes a POS system with floor plans, inventory, and staff management. It also introduces tools to help restaurants adapt to the digital sphere, including contactless payments and set-up of delivery/take-out services. For staff on the floor, mobile devices can be introduced to ensure order accuracy and automated notification of orders, and any modifications or allergies, that go directly to the kitchen or the bar.


By integrating Lightspeed POS for Restaurants with Sage Intacct, you gain full visibility into every aspect of your business. Aligning financials with inventory, sales and staff information gives you granular and actionable insights into places where you can become more agile and better serve your customers. Sage Intacct makes it easy to manage different branches or locations. Integration helps you eliminate double data entry and minimizes human error.

  • Adapt your floor plans

    In the event of a need to shift around your table plan, including making adjustments that may be needed to comply with physical distancing measures, adjustments can be made in real-time, with a few drag-and-drops and clicks. These can be short-lived changes, such as last-minute reservations or private events that call for adapting. If your guests need to move tables, this is also intuitive and easy. These features mean that you avoid errors in billing and ensure your staff always know where they are going.

  • Accept All Payments

    Lightspeed for Restaurants lets you offer fast transactions anywhere with every swipe, dip and tap of every credit, debit and gift card. Adding tips, at the time or afterwards, is simple. You can also establish custom tip redistribution to your staff, dependent on your policy. The payment tools allow you to create tabs for customers under their own account. The platform makes it easy to split checks for individuals at tables. You can also offer fast mobile payments.

  • Streamline Deliveries and Pick-Ups

    Restaurants can diversify their revenue stream by offering take-out options: both for delivery and collection. You can get orders through popular apps like UberEats or DoorDash straight into your POS system. All of your online orders will then be consolidated onto a single screen (even when ordered across different apps). Use the discount and promotion features to engage customers and maximize your delivery zone to reach as many customers as possible. Use smart reporting to see what’s working and inform future decisions. The Delivery solution allows you to simply import your restaurant menu or create a delivery-only menu.

  • Manage Multiple Locations

    You can create and edit customer profiles for any location, track visits and payments and create gift cards for all occasions. As you grow, you can easily add new stores and connect it with your established POS, meaning you can get selling in no time. You then have a centralized place where you can manage all locations. To aid reporting, the Restaurant POS lets you add users and cash registers by location. Use the reporting tools to get an overview of all locations, or drill down and see how each location is performing. Insights can help you plan for peak times and periods.

  • Frictionless Ordering

    Waiter notepads and hastily scrawled orders have fallen by the wayside in favour of digital ordering, a facility that cuts down on misread orders and customer dissatisfaction. Lightspeed for Restaurants POS can be accessed on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, so you can bring the ordering system to your customers, no matter where in your location they are sitting. Orders inputted from mobile devices are sent directly to the bar or kitchen, cutting down on wait time. Customers can also use devices to self-order either at their tables or at a kiosk. You can assign orders to a specific seat at a table, making split bills simple. Modifiers allow floor staff to alert kitchen staff of allergies or other order modifications easily.

  • Intelligent Reports that Aide Decision-Making

    There are many kinds of reports that can help restaurant owners make better, more informed decisions. From end-of-day reports like tips per server or when rush hours hit to staff-related reports like scheduling and top performers. Crucially, all of these analytics, and more, can be accessed from anywhere using a smart device.

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