Lightspeed POS for Retail is an end-to-end solution for brick-and-mortar stores and eCommerce stores alike. This omnichannel solution lets you synchronize your physical inventory with your eCommerce store and your POS system. With features for loyalty programs, multiple payment methods, shipping policies, and building eCommerce stores from scratch, Lightspeed for Retail is ideal for growing businesses. Use the integrated data to make smart decisions for every channel.


By combining the financial powerhouse of Sage Intacct with the deep, specialized functionality of Lightspeed POS for Retail, you gain a holistic view of every aspect of your business, from advanced forecasting and smart insights to automated AP/AR tasks upon the sale of a product or service. The real-time integration gives you access to the granular data and the bird’s eye view, depending on what you need it for. You can easily manage subsidiaries/branches or locations using Sage Intacct’s tiered capabilities.

  • Ease-of-Use

    Setting up an online store that integrates with your physical operations is easy. The user interface is intuitive. There is a library of themes to use for your eStore, all of which are optimized both for desktop and mobile. Purchase history allows you to launch campaigns using the data. The eStores you build can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to drive traffic to both your physical store and eStore. Connect your social channels to amplify your reach.

  • Integrate your offline and online stores

    Expanding into online retail is seamless with an intuitive eCom solution. Lightspeed’s focus on omnichannel optimization lets you blend your online and offline stores to allow you to get a full view of your inventory, orders, and pipeline. The inventory management tools import stock and syncs location information from your physical and online stores, and allows you to make bulk changes that are easy to do in the interface – ideal for promotional or annual price adjustments. The backend of your Lightspeed eCom set-up lets you organize shipping, and keeps your customers up-to-date on their orders with shipping tracking codes.

  • Payments made simple

    Lightspeed has a number of payment options to facilitate and encourage quick, frictionless sales. Best of all, there is a simple pricing structure for processing the payments (meaning no hidden fees for you). You do not need any third-party accounts to set these up. From your POS, you can pull batch reports and settlements in real-time. Payments are monitored for suspicious activity and there is built-in active global fraud protection; Lightspeed keeps your revenue and your data safe.

  • Intelligent Inventory

    Lightspeed’s Inventory Management tools give you full omnichannel control of what you have in stock. It allows you to set up products in the eStore in bundles or packages, create product variations, and create special orders to meet individual customer needs. On set-up, you can bulk add up to 10,000 at once. The system keeps watch of your inventory levels, and you can set custom reorder points so you never run out of best-sellers. When you see what inventory has aged, you can introduce discount codes to move the stock. The smart analytics on your inventory can help you anticipate buyer trends and reduce your overheads.

  • Manage multiple locations

    Lightspeed doesn’t just allow you to connect your eStore and a single physical store. You can manage multiple physical locations as well as your eCommerce platform. As you grow, you can add more stores. When purchasing stock, you have the ability to generate one single invoice for all locations. Advanced customer data lets you access purchases across all locations and transfer items between stores for customers. You can see performance metrics for stores individually or all stores, and even lets you compare stores against one another.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Lightspeed Analytics examines your stock, customer experience and staff performance to suggest real business optimizations. Use the reports to see what’s selling and what’s not, if products sell better in one location over another, or see what stock is growing dusty (and needs to be sold). Track customer loyalty (including loyalty programs) and use the data to anticipate what they want and need. Staff analytics help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your staff by tracking KPIs in your analytics software. You can ensure you have the right amount of people working at peak times and put them in the right spot to make more sales.

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