MarketMan is a back-of-house solution that provides complete control, letting restaurateurs ultimately manage more, faster. The cloud-based inventory management & purchasing solution simplifies essential inventory and supply management operations including budgeting, purchasing, order optimization, food costing, order handling, supplier management, and more. Users of Marketman can boast a 5% reduction in food costs. By integrating MarketMan with a Sage Intacct instance, you can make sure all of the information from your restaurant management is synced with your financials, order management and reporting facilities.

  • Accurate, Real-Time Inventory

    MarketMan allows you to have constant visibility into their current inventory quantity and value in real-time. Inventory counts can be taken and managed on a mobile device and are saved to the cloud, making it easier to stay on top of ordering and counting. Strong analytics means you can easily track food waste and theft. By setting up alerts, you get a notification when the inventory of any item reaches the reorder point (or the lowest minimum quantity) and delivery status updates for orders. Sheet-to-shelf inventory management means inventory sheets can be arranged in any customized order, even to mimic your exact shelving.

  • Powerful Recipe Management

    With MarketMan’s recipe management, you can see an item-by-item cost breakdown of each dish on your menu. Menu items, once added, can include all of the parameters for the recipe, including the average prep and cook time, the preparation method, and any other notes about the dish. With each ingredient tracked, you can actively monitor your periodical spend with each supplier by item and location, track the profitability of menu items, and see how that shifts with time.

  • Putting Automation to Use

    Leveraging the strengths of technology and the cloud, MarketMan lets you scan, capture, and manage all invoices through a mobile app. From there, orders automatically reconcile delivered items with your on-hand levels in your storage, cutting the need for manual input and inventory management. Accounts Payable for the orders can also be automated upon an incoming invoice scan.

  • Operate Multiple Locations

    If you operate a number of locations, MarketMan can manage all of them, including a central production kitchen or commissary. Orders can be managed on a holistic basis or on a location-by-location basis. You can even ensure that locations can only order pre-approved items from vendors that you select. Establish a headquarters account to access a management console and enterprise dashboard above all connected restaurant location accounts, giving you and your team a bird’s eye view of how you’re doing.

  • Robust Reporting

    MarketMan employs user-friendly visual reporting that can drill down into Cost of Goods, variance, inventory, purchasing, and profitability reporting with ease, meaning you have access to the specific information you need, whenever you need it.

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