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In the course of business, your company collects massive swathes of data that can, if used correctly, give you a holistic picture of your organization, optics on past trends, and guidance on how to move forward. Nectari is a modern powerhouse business intelligence system that leverages Acumatica’s cloud architecture to give you insightful, user-friendly reports that can be customized to suit your needs.

Benefits of Nectari

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  • Immediate Decision Support

    Often, we have to make business decisions quickly and astutely. This leaves very little time for digging through data and useless reports. With Nectari for Acumatica, real-time intuitive business intelligence reports are displayed visually in graphs and charts, meaning you can easily use your data to inform your decisions going forward, no muss and no fuss.

  • Increased Clarity

    Through the connection with Acumatica, Nectari uses diagnostic tools to help you identify inefficiencies in your processes, track and address concerns around quality management, and can provide evidentiary backup for future decisions.

  • Collaborate With Ease

    Role-based permissions and settings can be established within Nectari, meaning you can share the relevant data with the right people, at any time. Specific roles can even get notifications of any events that need immediate attention. The solution also allows you to add snapshots of reports to emails for instant analysis. These reports are minimal and elegant, making them presentation-ready from the outset.

  • Easily Share Information

    A key to Nectari’s success is that it is incredibly user-friendly. Without the need for in-depth training (or a data science degree), users can create detailed reports that address their concerns. Web screens and mobile access mean that anyone anywhere can access reports and share information across the organization instantaneously.

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