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Nectari, is a fully cloud-enabled, easy-to-use, self-service Business Intelligence and Data Management solution. Nectari empowers users to make better-informed business decisions based on enterprise-wide data. The consolidation of your data with other business solutions is made simple, thanks to Nectari’s pre-built analytics and reports. Users can start benefitting from the solution on day one of deployment. Nectari provides access to meaningful and secure information while reducing costs and improving business performance.

Benefits of Nectari

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  • Easy to use for Everyone

    Nectari empowers business users and removes the barrier of relying on IT to provide reports. With the ability to easily customize and create reports, users can be self-sufficient and tailor their data views for their specific requirements.

  • Users Can Access all of Their Data

    With Nectari's ETL tool, DataSync, users can access and manage enterprise-wide data from multiple on-premises or cloud sources and can report on more than financial data. Also, when consolidating multiple currencies to a single reporting currency, users can drill down to the transaction details for each entity. They can also fully benefit from the ability to report on as many user-defined dimensions and custom fields as they like.

  • Easily Collaborate Between Teams

    Nectari provides a suite of collaboration tools to help users share the right information with all internal and external stakeholders. You can email, export, print, and even send an external link to the report you want to share. You can do even more with advanced distribution features such as conditional alerts, data security, reporting packs, and more.

  • Keep Your Data Secure

    Nectari provides granular security options managed from a central location and implemented across individuals or groups of users. Instead of producing various copies of the same report with distinct filters for diverse users or groups, only one report needs to be generated.

  • Excel Add-In

    The Excel Add-In seamlessly integrates Nectari capabilities into the familiar Excel interface. Access dynamic data in real time, with the same level of security as Nectari. Create flexible ad-hoc reports by combining data from different departments into a single worksheet with the ability to drill-down. Create and share reports that are automatically refreshed with the latest real-time information. Out-of-the-box financial reports in Excel for Sage Intacct and Acumatica are available.

  • Easy to Migrate

    Nectari's ready-to-use migration processes allows you to bring your existing data from your current ERP system (i.e. customers, vendors, AP, AR, GL, and more) to Sage Intacct or Acumatica with ease. Save time by eliminating manual data entry and manipulation, and facilitating data validation

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