Nexonia extends the functionality of your ERP to help you track and manage expenses and track time efficiently. The configurable cloud solution allows you to improve your spend management processes and enable employees to keep on track from anywhere. Nexonia Timesheets provides you with an easy and flexible employee time-tracking solution. It increases visibility into how your teams use their time and removes the barriers to tracking.

Nexonia Benefits

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  • Advanced Payment Options

    Reconcile credit card transactions from 30,000 worldwide banks, quickly and accurately giving you visibility into spend. Multiple currencies are supported, and 161 worldwide currencies are updated daily to take the guesswork out of calculating exchange rates. Quickly reimburse your employees in as little as three steps — from the same system you manage Expenses.

  • Access Expenses and Costs Anywhere

    Manage expenses from mobile and desktop devices, online or offline. Use the mobile app to scan receipts on the go, save expense reports in draft form to come back to later, and configure digital approvals for all submitted expenses all from one central location. Need to track mileage? Nexonia’s Google Maps integration calculates mileage for you — with customizable reimbursement rates, so all project costs can accurately be recorded.

  • Get Granular Project Insights

    Streamline how you create, submit, and manage project hours from any connected device. Offline tracking enables users to keep tabs on their hours and report back online. Users can report the specific project worked, and their hours across multiple projects simultaneously. View your project worktimes against unique services at a granular level. Custom fields and dimensions (like project names, cost codes, etc.) can be set up to capture the data you care about most.

  • Rapid Deployment

    The fully cloud-based system is built to be deployed quickly, without compromising on configurability. Workflow configurations let you mirror your existing approval process and adapt on the go to future changes. Nexonia integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting software. This allows you to streamline your expense and time tracking processes to remove double data entry, ease administrator upkeep, and enable your ERP to serve as the single source of truth.

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