Seamlessly transition your field service operations and business processes into the digital era. Praxedo is a flexible, cloud-based Field Service Management solution that offers a rich feature-set available at both the dispatch and field levels. It can be customized to adapt to the specific field service needs of your business and industry; whether you’re dispatching technicians, auditors, inspectors, drivers or delivery personnel.
  • Optimize Schedules and Travel Times

    One of the ongoing struggles in field services is scheduling resources optimally. It can be time-consuming and difficult to consider all of the relevant business factors. With Praxedo, Operations Support benefits from scheduling features such as drag & drop, map-assisted, and convenient insight into constraints such as time and skills. This enables them to reduce travel times and improve productivity and reactivity.

  • Real-Time interaction with Field Workers

    Praxedo offers access through both a web-application and a mobile app, allowing you to connect with your field workers directly. Enhanced communication features mean that Field Workers don’t have to rely exclusively on phone calls and emails. They can utilize the instant messaging module and Praxedo Share feature to communicate with remote experts in real-time, send or draw on photos and add comments to resolve issues quicker. They can do all of this while they’re still on site.

  • User-Friendly Customization

    Customizing a software solution can be very expensive. It typically requires technical or programming knowledge that most businesses don't have. As a result, they have to outsource the task for a large price tag. Praxedo provides a user-friendly customization engine that makes the majority of customizations easy, empowering you to tailor the solution to accommodate your needs and business objectives. Painlessly set up digital forms to replace paper ones, set up profile restrictions or even tasks for field workers to report their status via the mobile app while they’re in the field.

  • Eliminate Paper Documents

    Paper-based processes and documentation is time-consuming and limits real-time access to information. Praxedo is 100% digital, allowing businesses to eliminate paper documents and processes completely. You can access the solution through a web browser or mobile application. This empowers administrative team members and field workers to do scheduling, resource planning, route optimization, work order management, reporting and more - all in real time and wherever it’s convenient for them.

  • Cutting-Edge Mobile Application

    The last thing your busy field workers want to be doing is shuffling through a huge pile of papers. The Praxedo mobile app allows workers to bring the solution with them. Benefits such as: immediate digital access to critical information required to complete their jobs (site location, time, work order type, expect job duration, etc.); push notifications about modifications to their schedule; the ability to create, self-schedule or reschedule work orders; access to work order history; or even tools to capture their activities (such as time spent on work orders, travel, breaks etc.).

  • Integration with Sage X3

    Regardless of how many solutions you’re using, you need to make sure that your employees can always access the information they need. If your solutions aren’t integrated, you’re forced to transfer information manually from one system to the other. This time-consuming work can increase the number of errors in your data. Praxedo and Sage X3 (formerly Enterprise Management) offer integrated work orders, inventory and invoicing services. These solutions enable you to reduce manual processes. As a result, you can improve efficiency by reducing errors created by redundant data entry.