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Procore Construction Management Software collects granular data on everything important to construction managers, including costs, materials, safety outcomes, performance, quality, schedules, and more. The solution is user-friendly, mobile-first, and enables users to work from anywhere. Procore houses systems to tackle preconstruction, project management, resource management, and financial management — all under one integrated data-sharing software. With over 10,000 users across the world, Procore Construction Management Software has shown to deliver a 50% improvement on project-to-finance team transparency.

Benefits of Procore Construction Management Software

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  • Advance Your Project Management

    Every new construction project is complex due to the many partners, subcontractors, contractors, and client parties involved, and making sure everyone is on the same page is the key to project success. Procore Project Management accumulates all real-time project information into one space, making it easy for any invited parties to view project progress, see all upcoming tasks and deadlines, be alerted on updates, and input notes. New projects automatically populate in Procure, and with the Procore integration, you can easily export all the project info directly into Sage or Acumatica.

  • Automatically Transfer Data

    Automations between Procore and Sage, or Procore and Acumatica, significantly reduce the need to manually transfer data between your systems, or re-enter information when changes occur. With the Procore integration, you can seamlessly transfer data to or from Procore to your ERP, including sales data, project data, and customer data. Easily create custom fields and filters for cost codes, vendor type, and more. For example if you create a new company profile or job in Procore, you can do a one-click export into Sage or Acumatica, and vice versa.

  • Streamline Budgeting & Projecting Accounting

    With the Procore integration, you will always have up-to-date and accurate project budgets on hand. For contractors on the field or managers working from home, you can easily enter or change costs, so it is reflected on everyone’s dashboard immediately. Having this real-time visual of your project budget allows you to see how spending decisions will affect your closeout profit, so you can make decisions accordingly. Budgets created in Procore are automatically synced with your Sage or Acumatica solution.

  • Move Projects Along with Alerts & Approvals

    Productivity is slowed and projects are delayed because of long waits on change approvals. Procore Construction Management Software makes commitment change orders easy, by alerting project managers and supervisors when a new change needs to be approved. The Procore integration allows managers to approve changes with one click, and send alerts back to the project team, so that next steps can be completed.

  • Improve Quality and Safety on the Field

    With Procore, you can oversee your construction company’s quality and safety from anywhere, so you can identify problems and take action early. Manage daily logs, inspections, and incidents all in one place. Procore makes it easy for field employees to record accidents and concerns in the form of notes and photos, and send alerts immediately. Organized documentation of safety issues and incidents greatly reduces the workload for auditors, and gives managers better insight into where safety investments might be needed.

  • Improve Accuracy and Completeness of Invoices

    Faster billing and invoice collections means faster projects. Procore’s invoice management system ensures that billing is accurate and complete, so your accounting team doesn’t have to chase after project teams or write off missed invoices. When a new invoice is issued or an old invoice is updated, managers will receive an email requesting invoice approval. Once approved, the invoice will be sent to clients to collect payment. Instead of many individual lost invoices, all billable items accumulate under one project bill, making sure there are no missed payments. All subcontractor invoices are automatically sent to Sage's accounting system.

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