Built by finance professionals for finance professionals, Prophix is a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that unifies all financial management needs and syncs all your financial data into one software – including transactional data. The holistic software is complete with systems for budgeting & forecasting, reporting, financial consolidation, workflow automation, and business analytics.

Prophix software has been integrated by over 3000 customers in over 100 countries. To meet the needs of every stakeholder across various industries, Prophix also includes industry-specific systems and integrations. 

Connecting Prophix CPM with your financial management suite is the one-step solution to seamless data integration and 100% visibility. 

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Benefits of Prophix

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  • Budgeting Speed & Accuracy

    Instead of spreadsheets, which can cause duplicate information and human errors, Prophix’s budgeting system combines top-level strategic planning and low-level departmental planning. The interface looks and feels similar to Excel, but is more secure, promises accurate data calculations, and comes with intuitive number manipulation functions. Automation features in the budgeting system bring you quicker and more accurate budgeting reports.

  • One-Click Report Building

    In Prophix’s financial reporting, you can easily tailor your financial statements and management reports for your various stakeholders and collaborators. With just a few clicks, you can structure and remake business reports to highlight the financial, profit, and KPI numbers that are most important. You can also filter reports by sales representatives, departments, regions, time frame, or other useful dimensions.

  • Efficient Collaboration

    User-security profiles make it easy for you to control who has access to which reports and what data, eliminating the need to create new reports for every new pair of eyes. This cuts administrative work, reduces errors, and brings stronger security on your company’s information. Most importantly, it allows stakeholders to view real-time reports at any time, instead of waiting for a new copy in their email inbox.

  • Real-time Data Synchronization

    Prophix seamlessly integrates with countless external financial management solutions and ERPs. New data from any and all of your systems is automatically collected, consolidated, and analyzed in your existing Prophix dashboards. Any changes made in an external system will automatically be reflected in Prophix’s reports. You can even view live transactional-level data from these external sources right in your Prophix software.

  • Data Insights & Anomaly Detection

    The Chart Insights function, powered by Prophix AI, automatically generates insights on the data you are looking at, describing patterns and trends. Additionally, the Anomaly Detection tab collects every single transaction that was automatically audited and assigns a risk score to each, making it easy for you to discover issues or find the root cause of certain anomalies right away.

  • Intuitive Dashboard & Task Assistant

    Prophix dashboards are completely interactive. With just a few clicks, you can drill down into all your data visualizations and reports, and slice and dice information. If you’re ever stuck, Prophix’s Task Assistant feature works like a CPM-specialized Siri. It allows you to vocally make commands, such as refreshing reports, manipulating dashboards, and asking questions – and receive immediate action or vocalized answers.

Success Study

See how Milo’s Tea transformed their finance team’s budgeting and forecasting with Prophix:

Deeper Data Insights with Prophix and Sage Intacct Integration

With a dedicated API integration with Sage Intacct, you can connect every grain of your data and achieve automated financial analysis. The integration pulls in data from your Sage Intacct solution in real-time, minimizing the time needed for scenario planning, operational planning, and budgeting.

When you connect Sage Intacct Financial Management Software with Prophix CPM, you can:  

  • Recreate budgets or forecasts with different scenarios (product launch, change in customer, business factors)
  • Combine operational, revenue, and personnel planning into a single consolidated production schedule
  • Ensure accurate formulas and variables, and prevent errors in Excel spreadsheet reporting
  • Consolidate all your data into a single up-to-date dashboard, that will automatically detect anomalies and highlight insights 
  • Collaborate with multiple internal and external teams using automated workflows with approval and rejection cycles
  • Eliminate manual data entry and integration, duplicate versions of reports, and outdated information.

Prophix CPM and Sage Intacct can both be deployed as on-premise solutions, or securely on the cloud, for data access anytime and anywhere.

Download the Prophix and Sage Intacct Datasheet:

See more of the integration in our on-demand webinar: Making Data-Backed Decisions with Sage Intacct & Prophix 

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