When your CRM system holds clean, accurate user data, you are poised to offer the best customer experience in your relationship with them. Notably for companies that do a lot of telemarketing, getting a full view of what is happening with each lead and client. Many may manage their phone follow-ups in spreadsheets or disparate platforms, leading to inefficient processes and possible lost revenue. 

Most high-performing companies manage their telemarketing in a smart, optimized solution integrated with their back-office and business management systems. InSales — a proprietary solution that we custom-built for RainSoft dealers’ CRM systems — is built with telemarketing tasks in mind, helping you automate and optimize lead management, advanced appointment setting and installation and service information. For those who make installation appointments or service operations, appointment management and resource scheduling can be taken care of incredibly efficiently by this powerful solution.

RainSoft CRM by InSales Benefits

  • RainSoft CRM by InSales is a completely paperless solution for managing sales calls, sales visits and service installation.
  • You can create and edit many different types of contacts, such as Vendors, Leads, and Accounts.
  • A complete history of a contact is held within their record, meaning a better customer experience that feels more personalized as everyone in the company has access to the history.
  • Leveraging automation is one of the best ways to improve both efficiency and accuracy, letting you do more with less.
  • Role-based access means that you can determine who should see what information and who should not.
  • The solution integrates your front and back offices, facilitating a seamless journey for your customers.

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RainSoft CRM by InSales Features

Lead & Queue Management

  • Cross-check new Leads against an internal database, ensuring no duplicates, and against the National DNC list, meaning high-quality Leads.
  • Proof of CASL and CAN-SPAM compliance (opt-in) can be added to the Lead record.
  • The Queue feature automates Lead management based on user-defined rules.
  • You can assign a Queue to specific reps, and rule-based automation means that Lead will only show in the queue when it is time to call.
  • CRM Records contain a full contact history.
  • The solution can be integrated with phone systems for more integrated information.

Appointment Setting

  • An automated workflow can convert a Lead to an appointment; their calendar is updated with all information for the contact, including the location of the appointment.
  • Sales reps are quickly notified of appointments, and they can see their calendars.
  • Alternatively, you can set appointments and send them directly to a sales rep.
  • You can even set appointments based on postal code, ensuring prompt service. Back-office can assign geo-targeted appointments on the fly when the sales rep is on the road.
  • Sales reps can update records via mobile, meaning more accurate and complete information reaches the CRM.
  • InSales also gives you the ability to prioritize Leads based on urgency, time, or location. Where the urgency is high, you can over-ride previous settings so that resources can be reallocated to focus on a specific target ie. set an appointment in geo-location today.


  • Use queue management to set service appointments
  • Use geo-targeting to set service appointments in the same geographic location
  • Queues are prioritized based on time of sale, last service call or other user-defined variables. 
  • Service technicians have access to their calendar and all of their upcoming appointments. Once there, they can update the customer’s records on then and there on a tablet or smartphone.

Sales & Installation

  • Once ready, the Record converts to a Sale & an appointment.
  • The Installer adds a full history and updates the record with a browser-enabled tablet, and adds pictures of the installation to the record (for conflict resolution).
  • Once the installation is completed, the Customer is automatically moved to a queue based on the pre-defined Service/Maintenance schedule.


  • With access to all of the data related to calls, sales visits and ongoing maintenance, plus what your sales and installation staff are doing, you have access to powerful real-time visibility to KPIs. Everything from close ratios to staff performance can be easily analyzed in graphic reports.
  • Variable-based reporting means you can slice and dice data depending on which metric is of most interest to your stakeholders, by date or location or product group.
  • You also have the ability to track Lead source, close ratios, number of calls per hour, the total number of bookings etc.

RainSoft CRM by InSales Success Story

See how RainSoft CRM by InSales, optimized Lifetime Water Systems’ prospect
generation and lead-to-sale, and service processes, boosting conversation rates by 14% and increasing gross profits by 5%.

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