Extend the functionality of Sage X3 with Redmap Automation

Redmap’s mission is to eliminate waste in document-driven processes so that you can spend less time shuffling paper, chasing approvals, cross-referencing data, and more time on strategic tasks.

Redmap’s fully integrated AP automation solution delivers measurable efficiency, 100% transparency, and reduced processing costs. Plus, it eliminates inevitable errors with any manual data entry. The system extracts the needed data, electronically validates it, and routes it to the appropriate person before posting it to Sage X3.

Learn how to embrace AP automation and other best practices towards scalability.


Redmap Benefits


  • Optimize your ERP Investment

    You have invested in Sage X3 to help you nail your business goals and better manage your day-to-day business activities. Now, you are looking at how you can maximize your investment and make your team even more efficient. With Redmap’s single-minded determination to understand the intricacies of your ERP and analytics system inside out, you can be confident that you are in safe hands.

  • A Best Practice Approach

    There is no point in automating inefficiency. That’s why Redmap uses best practices to eliminate unnecessary process complications while innovating around value-adding requirements. This product development method allows us to respond rapidly when you discover a report you need or a feature that requires a different approach.

  • Complete Visibility

    With Redmap, you have end-to-end transparency across accounts payable. No more piles of paper invoices gathering on someone’s desk or slipping through the cracks. Instead, you can look up the status of your supplier invoices at the click of a button. This level of visibility also makes audit time a breeze.

  • Outstanding Efficiency

    There’s no need to find, pair, and compare supplier invoices to your purchase orders. If they match the order or logic, the invoice enters the approval process and your ERP without the accounts team needing to touch it. If it’s an exception, then Redmap will let you know! This efficiency means that invoices are processed faster, which in turn assists in improving relationships with suppliers.

  • Ease of Use and Extensive Support

    From onboarding to ongoing advice, support, and training to helping you counter cybercrime through authentication and data protection advice, Redmap has you covered. It is simple and intuitive to use and integrates easily into your daily routine.

How to leverage AP Automation and Sage X3

With manual processes primarily removed from the AP equation, your operational costs go down, efficiency levels go up, and errors are eliminated. Say hello to a new age of AP productivity and visibility.

  • Reduce costs through increased efficiency
  • Dramatically increase the speed of processing
  • Minimise fraud risk
  • Make audits and compliance a breeze
  • Improve communication and relationships with suppliers and customers through the availability of real-time information and improved efficiency.
  • Reduce paper wastage for improved sustainability
  • Eliminate human error
  • Complete transparency of cash flow
  • Increase employee satisfaction with less data entry and more value-adding tasks
  • Ensure scalability if there is an increase in invoice volumes


Read how Redmap and Sage X3 transformed the way myHomecare group provides care and gain incredible financial efficiencies.” 

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