RenovoFYI is a financial report writer that builds reports by pulling data from multiple companies and sources. It integrates with nearly all general ledger systems and Excel while providing access to financial reports through a friendly and intuitive interface. This solution is designed to make decision-making easier by providing insight rooted in current and accurate financial data and accessible reporting.
  • Innovation

    RenovoFYI delivers advanced business insight by streamlining financial reporting for companies using Sage X3. Designed to deliver current, accurate, and accessible reports, RenovoFYI gets crucial financial information to stakeholders and decision-makers anytime, anywhere.

  • Dynamic Report Design

    RenovoFYI uses design methods that are accounting-aware, intuitive, reusable, and a centralized reliable format to ensure uniformity. RenovoFYI delivers complex financial reports that compile and reuse data from multiple companies and sources. This makes the process easier and more efficient for finance professionals, by generating reports through design methods that are: smart, intuitive, reusable, and reliable.

  • Comprehensive Drilldown Data

    RenovoFYI makes it easy for users to explore in detail what goes into the numbers in a financial statement, so information that is needed most can be analyzed right away. With multiple ways to arrange information and explore the nature of financial data, RenovoFYI delivers an in-depth view into a company's numbers.

  • Verifiable Reports

    Verifiable reports that include data and component auditing to ensure general ledger accounts are not missing or duplicated, detailed account summaries and transactional data a click away, multidimensional reporting, and drill-down analysis are available on-demand.

  • Efficient Distribution Options

    RenovoFYI is a high-performance software and delivers financial reports quickly. This eliminates manual report management processes and delivers secure and organized report distribution. RenovoFYI uses permission controls to secure user access to data, report components, and reports.

  • Authentication Controls

    The RenovoFYI solution allows users to set up authentication controls to ensure that reports are going to the right people, at the right time. In RenovoFYI's customizable libraries, users are able to manage all archived and current reports, while scheduling automated and regular report distributions to company stakeholders.