Automate your entire AP process, from purchase to payment, with Sage AP Automation. Invoices are entered without the requirement for any manual data entry and are securely stored in the cloud, giving your employees back valuable time they can spend on more strategic tasks for an even higher ROI.

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  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry

    Manual data entry is the quickest way to use up valuable employees hours. Sage AP Automation enters invoices for you so your employees can dedicate their time to strategic tasks that have a bigger impact on the success of your organization. This will help you proactively grow your business and increase your bottom line instead of wasting employee expertise on manual tasks.

  • Automate Approval Channels

    Tracking and shuffling invoices through the approval process is just as time-consuming as manually entering data. Sage AP Automation creates automated approval channels. Your invoices will flow through the chain of approval with maximum efficiency and accuracy. You can also design your approval channels based on custom fields, like invoice amount or vendor.

  • Pay for Only What You Use

    Cost is one of the biggest factors when considering software solutions. No one likes to pay upfront for more than needed, just to gain access to a few key tools or features. With this solution, you decide how many users (no minimum) and only pay for the invoices processed. Therefore, Sage AP Automation is accessible for businesses of all sizes.

  • Mobile Access

    You can't always be at your workstation, so make sure that you always have access to your invoices no matter where you are. Sage AP Automation is accessible from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones and tablets. This means you can securely access and approve invoices when it's convenient for you.