You’ll be creating accurate estimates in less time.  With Sage Estimating, customers have reduced the time it takes to create accurate estimates by as much as 50%.  Trusted by more construction firms than any other estimating software, Sage Estimating has more than 25 years of industry know-how built right in. Whether stand-alone or integrated with our Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate or Sage 100 Contractor construction accounting and project management solutions, Sage Estimating is designed specifically for the construction and real estate industries, unlike generic spreadsheet applications. 

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Benefits of Sage Estimating and eTakeoff

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  • Smarter Ways to Estimate

    Sage Estimating provides a smarter, automated way to estimate. Takeoffs are faster. Final proposals are more professional. Plus it works in tandem with Sage business management software, so once a bid is accepted, information flows automatically to accounting and job cost. By eliminating redundant data-entry and error-prone processes, Sage Estimating helps projects run efficiently from initial estimate to project completion. Quite simply, it’s better estimated by every measure.

  • Quick and Easy Reports

    Sage Estimating doesn’t forget about style. The software makes it quick and easy to present reports and final proposals that are professional and well-organized. In other words, precisely what management and clients are looking for.

  • Handle Adjustments Quickly

    With Sage Estimating, you can handle adjustments like slashing the total estimate by 4% in a snap, on the fly, and with precision. Plus, you can easily review, modify, or undo adjustments or make side-by-side comparisons right on screen.

  • Faster and Easier Takeoffs

    eTakeoff significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over traditional paper or manual takeoff methods. Powerful yet easy to use, it provides estimators sophisticated assembly capabilities, extensive Microsoft® Excel integration, and time-saving features like Pattern Search, an auto-count symbol search feature that quickly locates and quantifies multiple occurrences of symbols within digital plans, to greatly improve the takeoff process.

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