With more mobile devices on the job site than ever before, the communications gap and project delays that used to exist between workers in the field and personnel back in the office is quickly fading away. Using the Sage Field Operations mobile app, you get greater visibility into each step of a construction project which helps streamline processes for everything from field reports to real-time capture of payroll date.

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Benefits of Sage Field Operations

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  • Streamlined Field Reports

    All key details, including photos, can be reported in real-time, making it easy to submit daily field reports more accurately.

  • Resource Management and Scheduling

    Project managers can easily schedule employees, equipment, and different subcontractors using a digital dispatch board.

  • Labor Cost Controls

    With Sage Field Operations, time can be managed and tracked on mobile devices from the field – with built-in review and approval workflows -and hours can be sent directly to payroll.


    RFIs, RFPs, and change orders can all be submitted immediately from a mobile device to avoid project delays and update budgets and contracts in real-time.

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